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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Does God make lists?

I have yellow sticky notes on my computer screen. There's a small notepad in my purse and I have four secretarial notebooks placed all around the house. Each of those notebooks have lists. I am continually adding to the lists but rarely delete. For every item that is crossed off, I usually add at least three items.

Yesterday, I was adding to one of those lists. I stopped to ponder whether or not God might have lists. If He does, I'm sure that we wouldn't find "sunrise" on it. I don't think He would include hurricane or shooting star. What would He include?

Would He write, "talk to Debbie today"?
Maybe He would schedule "answer Ken's prayer".
Would He enter "sweep the golden streets"?

I smiled when I thought that maybe He would just have one entry........"Love".

Wouldn't that cover everything?

What do you think?

God loves you,


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