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Monday, May 7, 2007

Heartfelt Moments

Have you ever felt like the world was buzzing all around you and you just wanted to freeze frame for a few moments and breathe?

Stimulus is defined as :

"any action or agent that causes or changes an activity in an organism, organ, or part, as something that excites an end organ, starts a nerve impulse, activates a muscle, etc.."

In other words, stimulus isn't bad. It's life. But like most of life it must be controlled. Too much of anything can lead to problems. Too little stimulus and we are bored. No stimulus is called "solitary confinement" and you can go crazy. But too much stimulus and you feel overwhelmed.

There have been times in my life when I simply close my eyes, lean my head back and take a deep breath. When I open my eyes, I look for the best part of that moment that will give me the most pleasure.

Once when the children were small I opened my eye only to meet another eye. Amie smiled and said, "Whatcha doing in there?"

Another time I opened my eyes just in time to catch a glimpse of a rainbow. Still another time I saw Ron immersed in thoughts of pride and love as he watched Jamie finish a drawing.

Still another time I sat on the porch - alone - and listened to the quiet coo of a lovebird as I sipped my morning coffee.

Life gets complicated. Schedules are overloaded. World views and problems leave our subconscious with many doubts. The soft touch of a mother's hand, the giggle of a small child and the kiss of a spouse all combine to make our life beautiful. We are loved. We are loved by God. We are loved by our family and friends. And that love sets us free.

What heartfelt moments in your life have centered your day?

God loves you,


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