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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Parenting vs. America

I think that every parent should read Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s book, “Parenthood by Proxy”. It’s a wonderful book that highlights a lot of the reasons our society has so many problems. I agree with her that many problems within society are simply reflections of problems within the home.

I like watching the news, but there are some days it can be extremely discouraging. Many people don’t seem to have the ability to look down the road and see the consequences of today’s decisions. I don’t know why, except that I pray a lot for wisdom, but it’s easy for me to see those consequences and I am very concerned about our future as a country.

For example, there’s a news story today about a Judge who wanted to wear his favorite pants on his first day as a Judge. He goes to the cleaners to pick them up and finds out the mom and pop cleaners has lost them. He rants and raves and they offer to pay him $150 for the pants. He refuses. For days they negotiate and the mentally abused cleaners finds the pants. All the numbers match his ticket but the Judge decides they are not his pants. More negotiating and mom and pop offer this dysfunctional man $3,000 for the unclaimed pants. Again he refused. He filed a lawsuit and is suing these people for $6.5 million. What??? He claims he needs the money to rent a car and drive to another town to find and use another cleaners. Is he driving across country? Is he renting a hummer? Good grief!

Crazy story right? But has anyone thought about what he will be like in a courtroom? Will he be fair? Will he administer justice with mercy and logical thinking? Of course not. He will be even more of a tyrant. And our country will suffer. This man shouldn’t be allowed to practice law. He shouldn’t be allowed to be in any business that deals with people unless he gets major psychological help. How many of you think that’s going to happen?

I also received a story from American Family Association about the hate crimes bill. Thank goodness for this Association. Nothing was on the news. Here’s what Chuck Colson had to say.

The Thought Police

By Chuck Colson5/1/2007

What the Hate Crimes Law Would Do

In George Orwell’s classic novel 1984, the government Thought Police constantly spies on citizens to make sure they are not thinking rebellious thoughts. Thought crimes are severely punished by Big Brother.
1984 was intended as a warning against totalitarian governments that enslave and control their citizens. Never have we needed this warning more urgently than now, because America’s Thought Police are knocking on your door.
Last week the House Judiciary Committee, egged on by radical homosexual groups, passed what can only be called a Thought Crimes bill. It’s called the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act. But this bill is not about hate. It’s not even about crime. It’s about outlawing peaceful speech—speech that asserts that homosexual behavior is morally wrong.
Some say we need this law to prevent attacks on homosexuals. But we already have laws against assaults on people and property. Moreover, according to the FBI, crimes against homosexuals in the United States have dropped dramatically in recent years. In 2005, out of 863,000 cases of aggravated assault, just 177 cases were crimes of bias against homosexuals—far less than even 1 percent.
Another problem is that in places where hate crimes laws have been passed, hate crimes have been defined to include verbal attacks—and even peaceful speech. The Thought Police have already prosecuted Christians under hate crimes laws in England, Sweden, Canada, and even in some places in the United States.
If this dangerous law passes, pastors who preach sermons giving the biblical view of homosexuality could be prosecuted. Christian businessmen who refuse to print pro-gay literature could be prosecuted. Groups like Exodus International, which offer therapy to those with unwanted same-sex attraction, could be shut down.
In classic 1984 fashion, peaceful speech will be redefined as a violent attack worthy of punishment.
This is the unspoken goal of activist groups. We know this because during the debate over the bill last week, Congressman Mike Pence (R) of Indiana offered a Freedom of Religion amendment to this hate crimes bill. It asked that nothing in this law limit the religious freedom of any person or group under the Constitution. The committee refused to adopt it. It also refused to adopt amendments protecting other groups from hate crimes—like members of the military, who are often targets of verbal attacks and spitting. They also shot down amendments that would protect the homeless and senior citizens, also often targeted by criminals. Nothing doing, the committee said—the only group they wanted to protect: homosexuals.
Clearly, the intent of this law is not to prevent crime, but to shut down freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of thought. Its passage would strike at the very heart of our democracy.
The full Congress may vote on this bill as early as this week. Unless you want Big Brother telling you what to say, what to think, and what to believe, I urge you to contact your congressman immediately, urging him or her to vote against this bill. If you visit the BreakPoint website, you’ll find more information about this radical law.
If we do nothing, 1984 will no longer be fiction, and Big Brother will be watching you and me—ready to punish the “wrong” thoughts.


The AMA went on to give a listing of what this law is defining as “sexual orientation”. Be careful, I was appalled and could not stomach to read very far.

This law does not define "sexual orientation," leaving open the definition of the term. To see all the behaviors covered by the term "sexual orientation," please click here. Warning! This listing is offensive.
Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and ChairmanAmerican Family Association


This makes me wonder if we have already waited too long to take off the blinders and look around at what’s happening in our world. There will be a consequence for allowing this bill to pass. There are already consequences for allowing some groups to get a toe hole in our government. While commenting on the illegal alien riots in California a reporter said, “Maybe there weren’t as many people marching because they have found a way to handle this within the court system.”

And still another news item. The California state legislature is considering a bill that would take the words “Mom” and “Dad” out of the school systems and state offices. The bill states that it is traumatizing to children who come from alternative families (mostly gay families) to hear the words “Mom” or “Dad”. So to prevent discrimination they want the only acceptable word to be “care giver”. Heaven forbid that we encourage young children to learn tolerance, or that we refuse to allow parents to hide behind their children while they manipulate the law.

Does anyone see where that one is leading???

Parenting no longer consist of simply trying to figure out right or wrong within your own family. We must get involved and define the family unit as well as how we define our country. If we don’t stand up for right and protect our freedom to define “wrong” our country will slowly become so diverse that it can be overtaken without much of a fight.

Dr. Laura admits in her book that she often gives in to despair. When she does, she regains her hope by reading an essay from a sixth-grade student, sent by her teacher, Marla Schlatter, in 1997. The assignment was to describe what it would be like to be your own parent.

Love Without Ending

As a parent I must always think of my children before myself. If there is something that I want, but there is something my child needs, I have to get that thing for my child. I must be totally unselfish. Being a parent means that I’ve got to put other people’s needs in front of my own, no matter what. Being a parent is hard work, but I will love it.

Works for me! What do you think?

God loves you,


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