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Monday, March 15, 2010

"Truth" won't stoop to name calling.

I am constantly amazed at the name calling on both sides of any issue.  I'm just as angry about what's happening in our country as the next person.  I'll even use some pretty harsh "but true" words to describe the incompetence and bullying that's going on right now.  But, the bottom line for me is "truth".

I subscribe to several on line news worthy e-zines.  One of them is GOPUSA.  Michele Malkin is one of my favorite writers and she often does an article for this e-zine.  Most of the time I agree with the writers and appreciate the articles, but today....Doug Patton stepped over the line.

I've heard people like Bill Maher accuse Christians of being "mentally ill" and it makes me angry.  So today when Dough Patton stated that he thought liberalism was a mental disorder, I was also angry.
Liberalism is a mental disorder

First of all, a psychological mental disorder "should" be defined as a deviation from normal behavior caused by a chemical or physical dysfunction.  In the last 30 years or so, psychologists have also added "stress" or "trauma" as a cause of mental disorders.

That doesn't work for me.  I believe that anyone can be trained to think differently - if they are willing to change.  And...I believe that a lot of misconceptions about mental illness comes from the fact that the observer just "doesn't know how to cause change properly". 

Liberalism begins with a lack of a strong family, spoiled children, half-truths, selfishness and a lack of values and a God centered home.  That's how it begins....but that beginning can be hidden as generation after generation tweaks and changes the forms of thought.  That's how you can end up with a family that does go to church but argues that abortion isn't all that bad or that socialism and Christianity can exist together. 

Liberalism is a cause that doesn't understand the value of the word "no".  They don't understand that if it's not good for me then it can't be good for you.  They don't get the fact that their freedom ends where mine begins.  For real compassion and understanding of "real" freedom - the word "no" must be forefront and the word "sacrifice" must be a calling.  Liberals just don't get that.  And they don't get it because they haven't been "trained" or they haven't seen true freedom modeled before them. 

That's why I believe liberals are created by their home life and their experiences.  Liberals are people who have been hurt and in a spoiled brat kind of way believe they know it all or have the right to have it all.  Liberals are created. 

If we are going to return this country to solid values and solid roots, we must understand how a liberal is made and how to stop making them!

God loves you,


1 comment:

jubilee said...

So true. Name calling has no place in adult conversation, whatever the subject. And to make a statement that Liberalism is a mental disorder is to devalue the meaning and seriousness of true mental disorders. Even if it's said in jest.