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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mr. Biden....A better Country begins at Home

This week presented a few more complications as I struggle to recover from my surgery.  For several days I couldn't work so I spent the time alone with God and praying for our country.  Like many of you I am terribly discouraged that Washington chose to take away our freedoms. 

While I am encouraged about the awakening of the American people through organizations like the tea party movement and teachers like Glenn Beck; I realize that if we do turn this country around it will be a long and difficult fight.  Are you prepared for a lengthy fight?  Are you prepared to let that fight begin in your own home?  Only when our homes promote intelligence, hard work, Christian values and high class will we become a productive and successful country.  It's time to stop promoting "dumb and dumber" and start requiring intelligence.

When I investigate the times that this country seemed to be safer and more prosperous, there's one trait that stands out.  When America had a solid base of Christian homes where children were trained to be respectful and hard working - unrest and social problems seemed to ease. 

There has always been an element of delinquency.  There has always been crime and probably always will be.  But...when decency and Christian values are promoted....our country does much better.  When we take those rules of "civility" out of our culture, America takes a dive as a whole.

So how do we stop that?  Raise better children that will take over in 20 years - while you work on your own generational problems.  Raise Children like 14-year-old McKay Hatch.  He sponsors a nationwide "no cussing" campaign.  He is working hard to bring civility to the speech in this country.

This week the Vice President proved my point.  If we don't have leaders that can celebrate a victory without using inappropriate "trashy" language, how can we expect to appear "intelligent" or "classy" to other nations.  More importantly, if our own government officials flippantly talks trash how can any parent across the country demand that their own children take the high road?  It was inexcusable and gives you a window into how low this administration has taken our country.

I don't use that type of trashy talk in private and I am appalled at anyone that uses it in public.  Why?  First because I believe the Bible speaks against it.  Second because the Bible also asks me to "think on good things".  Third, because it proves that the person using the language isn't smart.  With millions of words in the English language it says something about your intelligence when you can't express yourself properly.  Only someone with a limited vocabulary would choose a trashy word when he/she has access to other words to portray his feelings. Mr. Biden, I'll simply say this. 

"I think you are chimerical and fatuous if you believe that the American people are not perspicacious enough to see the dense submerged delinquency within your cranium.  Your obtuse and stolid attitude confirms your vacuous regard for your position, our children or America's reputation around the globe.  To prevent further disgrace I am resolute and immutable in my desire to see your administration terminated."

Enough said....

God loves you,


Chimerical:  indulging in unrealistic fancies

Fatuous:  silly, foolish, idiotic

Obtuse:  slow to understand or perceive; dull or insensitive

Dense: suggest obtuseness, or an irritating failure to understand quickly or to react intelligently

Stolid:  Apathetic showing little or no emotion or sensitivity

Perspicacious: having keen judgment or understanding

Precocious: developed or matured to a point beyond that which is normal for the age.  gifted, bright.

Discriminate:  to recognize the difference between

Vacuous:  having or showing lack of intelligence, interest or thought.  Stupid

Resolute:  having or showing a fixed firm purpose

Immutable:  Never changing or varying

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