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Friday, March 19, 2010

Healthcare - Buyer beware

Since I've been recuperating, I haven't written about the current political fiasco.  I had planned to do a lot of writing today but then didn't feel good.  I took my pain medicine and settled back to watch a little TV.  Obama was on Fox doing his thing - once again another speech. 

Most of the time it's hard for me to stomach his long winded deceptions, but given the importance of this week-end I decided to listen a little longer.  I was reminded of a situation I was in several years ago.  A company approached me about doing a consolidation loan.  I met with the agent and listened to him talk for over 30 minutes.  Finally, I asked for the paper work.  Unfortunately for the agent I had worked over 5 years for an attorney.  I can recognize legal jargon and usually can decipher it's meaning. 

The agent was uncomfortable when I asked for the paper work.  He tried to tell me it couldn't be printed until we plugged in my name and particulars.  He told me everything would change once my numbers were in.  I continued to insist that I wasn't concerned about the numbers but only the rhetoric in the contract.  After a lot of discussion and my decision to gather my things and prepare to leave, he finally decided to show me the contract.

That's when the lies really began.  When I pointed out a section that stated special fees and the ability to raise the interest rate...his response was, "Oh don't worry about that.  That section won't apply to you."

When I pointed out the section that said they had the ability to sell my financial information to any company they deemed proper.....his response was, "I'll talk to the manager after you sign and we'll take that out."

When I pointed out the section that said if I missed one payment by just two weeks they could file to take my home....his response was, "That's only for others with a lower credit rating, that would not happen in your case."

Do you blame me for asking where his mask was?  After all, if he was going to rob me - he should wear a mask.  I gathered my things and walked out.

Just three months ago I was considering purchasing the "Magic Jack" to save money on our phone bills.  But....when I read the contract I found out that they would be allowed to connect my computer to any sales call they wanted and there was nothing I could do about it.  My phone could ring off the hook with sales calls from absolutely every company in the country and I wouldn't be able to stop it.  My financial information would be in their hands, they would have my social security information and they would bill my credit card with no way for me to dispute overages or extra charges.

Who in their right mind would sign on for that.....Millions have signed on and lived to regret it. 

That my friend is what Mr. Obama is trying to sell you. That is why Nancy Pelosi said "Just pass the bill and then we will all find out what's in it."  Like a greasy shoddy salesman they are trying to get you to trust them... rather than to investigate the merits of the bill. 

I am against this bill.  I don't believe the arguments for it.  They just don't ring true.  I know there will be consequences that we will regret.  I am positive it will destroy our economy.

How can I be so sure?  I've read some of the bills along the way and that's what these people do.  They hide their real intent in legal jargon and half truths.  It's who they are.  It's how they work.  And...the biggest factor is that once this is done, the proponents of this bill will be long gone.  When it's in full force, they will have moved on and we will be the ones dealing with the effects. 

Add to that the horrible problems with the government controlling school loans.  Our children and grandchildren will be told which schools they can attend.  Schools won't be allowed to teach certain subjects or promote certain beliefs.  That control will come in the form of determining which funds or which students will receive loans.  If your child can't get a loan for a private college - he will be forced to attend one that the government deems "proper". the private citizen won't be able to donate your money to schools that break the rules.  Talk about taking away our rights as Christians to promote Christian schools and Universities. 

The legal term "Buyer Beware" applies heavily to this bill.  If we don't work as hard as we can to stop it we deserve the pain that follows.  And if it passes, if we don't work just as hard to remove it - we deserve the pain that follows. 

It's time to pray and it's time to get busy.  I have been praying all day that God would forgive this country for its neglect and to give us a second chance to bring America back to God.  I hope you will join me in that prayer.

God loves you,


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