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Saturday, September 19, 2009

I believe in God....

The last year has been a difficult one for our family. Like many of you the economy has hit us very hard. Ron fell and hurt his leg, all three children had issues, my dad was in the hospital, Ron's job was cut and many other little things. We even lost our precious little dog.

I was talking to someone the other day who was a bit miffed at God. I understood where he was coming from and that life also hadn't been good to him. I was praying for him and these thoughts flooded my soul.

I believe in God even when I can't see Him. I believe that He's always there watching and tenderly guiding. It may not seem like He's fixing my problems, but I can always feel His hand.

I don't have trouble finding Him in the middle of chaos. Maybe it's because I don't blame Him. I can't blame Him for what's happened to me any more than I would blame the passengers of a plane crash for the incident. We come into this life with one goal - to survive. We can survive kicking and screaming and being angry about how much we deserve - or we can "be still and know God." We can fight with everyone around us or we can understand the power of His plan and try to find a way through.

Personally, I would rather know that I have a direct line to a being that is far more superior than anything on earth. I would rather know that I'm in alignment with the only plan that has a guarantee of working - His plan.

From broken bones to winning a race.
From broken hearts to marriages that work.
From empty pockets to having every need met.
From tears to joy.
From sorrow to laughter.
From rain to sunshine.
God is the creator of it all.

If I'm willing to take the wins and laughter and success, then I also need to be quiet and understanding when I'm required to suffer through the broken times.

I believe God is bigger than anything we can face on this earth. For all the problems and milestones in my life - God has been there. Sometimes with an answer and sometimes to provide courage in the storm.

No matter what you are dealing with....God is not the problem - God is the Answer. Take it from experience, if you hold his hand - you will find peace and a solution to all your needs.

God loves you,


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