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Monday, September 14, 2009

Child of Light is finished!

I haven't posted for a month and I've missed you. I've spent every waking moment working or thinking about my newest book, Child of Light. It's now in the hands of my agent. I hope you will pray with me that it will sell quickly.

I have worked so tirelessly on this project because I believe it's a book that it will give hope to millions of people that are worried and are asking, "What if".

It's a fiction story about a family just a few years in America's future. They are dealing with job loss, government micro-managing, health care reform and cap and trade. Sandi Lambert is called by God to be a force of influence and leadership in the days ahead. She doesn't want to move out of her comfort zone but circumstances aren't cooperating. It's a thriller in that corruption brings about violence and revolutions. You will follow her four children and see America from the viewpoint of Washington, Churches, Colleges and Hollywood.

If you can see problems ahead for your family, this book will not only allow you to picture those days, this book will bring hope. Through Sandi and her family you will learn to trust God and to find a way through the mess to a brighter America.

I hope to share it all with you soon. Please pray with me about this project. Please pray for my agent, Les Stobbe and if you have any ideas or comments, please let me know.

God loves you,


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