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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mr. President, Why do you hate me?

The other day I was watching an insignificant TV show where a small child looked up at his parents and just blurted out the truth.  He "innocently" asked questions about the 800 pound gorilla in the room that everyone else was avoiding.  For the next few days I couldn't help but imagine what I would say to Mr. Obama if we ever met - or if I knew he was going to read something I wrote.  Here's what I would say. 

Debbie Jansen - about age five
Dear Mr. Obama,

I don't know what I did to cause it, but I find myself constantly asking the question...."why do you hate me?" 

We have never met so I'm pretty sure it couldn't be something that I've said.  Maybe you've read my blog and you don't think I'm being respectful because I won't call you "President Obama".  Let me assure you that it's just a tiny little protest against the way you are hurting me.  It's a tiny little personal protest because the pain you have caused me makes me feel that you are "not" my president.  You couldn't hurt me as you have and still be my president.   If I was ever on television or a radio show, I would force myself to do the right thing, observe protocol and respect others that believe in you.  In that situation I would certainly call you "President Obama".  I hope that clears things up.  Is that why you hate me?

Maybe you are worried that I'm so upset about what you've done to my country that maybe I would be mean to you if we met.  Maybe you think that I would try to cause some harm to you physically.  Let me assure you that if I vacationed in Washington and...
I went walking early in the morning and
if you were also walking around the gates of your home and
you glanced my way and waved...I would not yell at you or try to hurt you in any way. 
I wouldn't run up to you and ask for your autograph because...well, because you are trying to take all of my freedoms away - but I wouldn't yell at you.  So I'm wondering...why do you want to hurt me?  Why do you hate me?

Maybe you are worried that if you could get away from your bodyguards to take a quiet walk and that if you tripped and broke your ankle and no one else was around but me,
Maybe you think I wouldn't help you.   I would you know!  Of course I would.  I'm a Christian and even when I don't like the policies of another person - I wouldn't hurt them.  I would defend myself from their attacks - but I wouldn't hurt them.  If I stood over you and you were physically in trouble, I would be kind.  I would do whatever I needed to do to get you help.  I would even put my arm around you, let you lean on me and I would bear your weight until we could hobble back to your home.  So, I'm wondering.  Why do you hate me?  Why do you want to do me harm?  If I was hurt - if I had the broken ankle - would you help me?

I understand that your parents had issues and that those issues shaped your life.  I understand how parents can influence a child and change their perspective on other people. were able to move beyond the middle class stigma.  You obtained large amounts of money and you live a mega rich lifestyle.  You have every convenience you need.  All your wants and desires are being met.  You have all kinds of people seeing to your every wish.  In fact, you have all the things you cite "the rich" for having.  You are one of them. still feel compelled to take away my freedoms.  Why do you feel you need to take my money, my child, my possessions?  Why do you hate me so much that you feel you need to take from my life in order to make your own life important.  Maybe if you come to my home and see the leaking roof and the torn couches.  Maybe if you watch me work 12 hours a day hoping that my writing will encourage others.  Maybe if you see my exhausted husband worry about making our mortgage payment.....maybe then you wouldn't hate us so much.  Maybe then you would feel blessed and you wouldn't want to interfere and hurt us like you have.  Maybe then you would have compassion. 

Maybe you hate me because you think too much about philosophies and concepts. 
Maybe if you came to my house and overlooked the comforts we don't have. 
Maybe if you petted my dog and looked at pictures of my children.
Maybe if you took the time to find out that I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't cuss, I've never been arrested and I do everything possible to be a credit to this country - maybe then you would respect me enough not to hate me.  Maybe then you would want to keep my personal freedoms in tack.

Do you hate me because I try to shine a light on inconsistencies?  Is it because I believe in the freedoms this country has always fought for and the fact that Everyone - absolutely everyone should be allowed those freedoms.  Maybe it's because I believe that your freedom stops where mine begins.  Maybe it's because I think everyone - including politicians - should follow our rules and laws.  Maybe it's because I think everyone has a voice and the right to make their opinions known.  Is that why you hate me?

Maybe Mr. President....maybe if you put all the rhetoric aside and allowed me and Ron to take your hands, bow our heads and pray for America....maybe then you wouldn't hate me so much.  Or is it my religion?  Maybe you don't like me because of my religion.  How can that be?  After all, you say you are a Christian.  Are you a Christian Mr. President? 

Maybe if I showed you pictures of all the times I've cried for America. 
Maybe if I showed you pictures of all the times I've put my head on my Bible and sobbed for America.
Maybe if I showed you pictures of all the times I've talked with sweet little old ladies and out of work men and tired frustrated pastors and scared young adults....Maybe if I could show you how many people you are hurting - maybe then you wouldn't hate normal conservative hard working people like me.  Maybe you just need to spend more time with us and see that we are the real backbone of this country.  Maybe once you understand that if you restrict or hurt us - the country will die and take you down with her.  Maybe you just don't want to face that fact.  Is that why you hate me?  

Like I said, maybe it is a faith thing.  Some people don't live their faith. For some people it's a way to win an argument.  For me, my faith is everything.  Maybe that's why you hate me.  Maybe it makes you nervous because I pray so much or I don't believe in murder or stealing or lying.  Maybe it's because I want people to be responsible for their own actions.  Maybe it's because I want people to be smart and logical.  Maybe it's because I think I have the right to pray or to go to church on Sunday.  Maybe you think I would be less of a threat if I wore a burka or was an atheist.  Maybe you hate me because I want the liberal, Muslim, homosexual or atheist to give me the same respect and tolerance I'm expected to give to them.  Does that make me a radical?  Is that why you hate me?

I've racked my brain trying to figure out why you think you have the right to hate me and more importantly to make laws that hurt me.  Why do you think you have the right to take away my freedoms?  Have I ever done anything to hurt this country or to hurt you?  Why do you hate me?

Why do you target my children - our children?  Why do you hate me and my friends so much that you just don't care how we feel.  What did we do that was so wrong?  Are our bodies so offensive to Michele that she thinks she has to rid this country of everyone that doesn't have a perfect model body?  Maybe you both just don't like anyone that's not like you.  Maybe you think punishing anyone that doesn't agree with you is okay.  Maybe you think that if you could clone you and Michelle and have nothing in this country except Obama people - then the world would be at peace.  Boring! that what you want?  Is that why you hate me?

Why do you hate me so much that you want to take away my parenting abilities?  Do you really believe that I'm so stupid that I can't care for my own child?  Do you honestly believe that the only way to grow healthy, wise, mature adults is for you and the government to take over parenting?  To indoctrinate my child?  In effect that means you hate my life so much that you can't bear to know I'm influencing my children.  Is that why you hate me so much?

Do you hate me because I want to preserve goodness?  There are some philosophies and habits that will destroy the very foundation and lives of the people that live in this country.  Evil must conquer.  That's it's only purpose.  If we allow evil a foothold, we will be conquered.  Do you hate me because I want to fight against evil?
Please Mr. Obama.  Please stop hating me.  I don't hate you.  I disagree with the very core of your philosophy.  I believe in the founding fathers and their dreams for this country.  I believe that it's only through understanding the faith that this country was built on that we will achieve true peace and harmony.  I believe that all hate should stop but that we have to be responsible for our actions.  That means that some actions are wrong and must be stopped because they will destroy freedom.  That means that we must have boundaries and "logical compassionate, responsible" laws.  That means that no one - not even a judge  - has the right to hate or show partiality to even the smallest of God's creatures.  While my beliefs seem to be in direct conflict with yours, I don't hate you.  I don't wish you any harm and I don't want to take away your freedoms or your money. 

So for the life of me, I can't figure out why you hate me?

Are you wondering the same thing? 

God loves you,


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