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Monday, May 2, 2011

Interview with Debbie - Does God have answers?

Do you really believe there are answers for every problem?

Yes, of course I do. I feel that way because I’m a Christian and I believe that God is all knowing and all powerful. What does it say about God if he made the world and all inhabitants but he doesn’t have answers for our problems and doesn’t want to be involved?

Thinking that God is not involved in our lives or that he doesn’t have answers reduces God to a simple creative artist. It takes away his power.

I’m sure that some folks who have been hit with terrible tragedies feel as though God could have intervened or maybe they are mad that it happened in the first place. That’s a hard pill to swallow unless you look at the facts.

God can be all powerful and ready to help you and give you a good life….but your actions or the actions of others can throw negative forces in the mix that change the dynamics of the situation.

God can also have a marvelous plan for you, but if you stomp your foot and shake your fist at him in defiance refusing to follow the plan – it may not materialize.

God might then go to work to develop a new plan…a plan that will get you out of the mess you are in, but no matter how much information he sends your way…if you aren’t listening - how can He help you? Like a little two-year old in a mall and on the run….no matter how much God calls you and demands that you come back, you keep running.

Think for a moment where we would be today if America and our government had not answered the call of the Jewish people suffering under the brutal Hitler?  God provided an answer because our men were willing to stand up for those who couldn't fight for their own freedom.
It’s important to remember that even though God is loving and does all He can to help us…He ultimately works through us. Our participation in His plan is a key element of success.

REMEMBER - God never forces anyone to do anything.  He works through us and through our will.  Because he waits to work through us, often there are times when Christians suffer as victims.
There are times when good Christians are simply victims. Don't be discouraged if you are doing all you can and the answer hasn't come.  There are times when we are truly victims and did nothing to cause our problems.  But again....God has to work through other people.  That's why it's so important to listen to the leading of God.  Often we are being asked to "help rescue" someone in pain.  Be careful in those situations but don't ever run away from being God's help to ease the suffering of those around you.

In some situations we didn’t do anything to cause the problem and like Job there’s not a lot we can do to get out of the problem. Car accidents, abductions, rapes, evil men and women and yes….even some Christians can create true victims that have no power over the situation they are in. That’s when the rest of us must be compassionate and allow God to use us to bring about a God inspired solution to their problems.

Again, if we listen to God’s gentle voice, become A+ biblical students and dedicate our lives to living for Him; we can be the solution to the majority of problems around us.
God loves you,

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