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Monday, October 4, 2010

A reason to vote on November 2nd.

Some people still think that Glenn Beck and the republicans are spreading fear about the future of our country.  Last week-end the far left held a rally in Washington.  I could comment, but this video is far more effective than I could be.

You can see the future of any philosophy by looking at the actions and lives of those supporting that philosophy.  When over 300,000 people gathered in Washington on 8/28 for the Restoring Honor rally, Glenn Beck posted pictures of how the Lincoln Memorial looked when they left.  The only two pieces of paper they could find were so old it was evident they were not from the rally but had been there for months.

Part of my problem with the philosophies of the left is that it removes personal responsibility from individuals.  It teaches people to be lazy and depend on handouts.  It teaches people to look the other way when a job needs to be done and to leave messes for others to clean up.  Take a look at how the hard working left decided to leave the grounds around the Lincoln Memorial.

God have mercy on us!

God loves you,


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