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Friday, April 16, 2010

Are you training leaders or stupid followers?

Being a follower isn't necessarily bad if you are following a person who truly knows the right thing to do.  The problem with many of the masses today is that they can't tell the difference between a good leader and a bad leader. 

If you want your children to survive in school, in business, in marriage, in politics, in faith and in their adult lives in must teach them to be leaders, respectful followers and decisive mature adults who can tell the difference between good and bad.  If you don't give your children these vital traits, you not only doom them to failure but you also doom our society to failure.  If they don't have the ability to recognize right from wrong, they can be led astray by any huckster that comes along.

Remember....there's no way around the fact that each and every parent in America will play a role in the future of this country.  You can't hide and you can't give your responsibility to anyone else.  If you have a child you will determine how your child changes America. 

How?  Even if you choose a nanny - you will have determined how that child is raised.  If you choose permissive non-responsive parenting - you will determine the outcome of your child's life.  If you listen to the wrong parenting advice and in the end it doesn't work....the decision for how your child was raised is directly related to your decision. 

If you raise a spoil brat, he/she will continue that tradition and through his future generations will infect the community they live in.  They will infect that community with dysfunctional families that are unable to contribute positively to the community because they are totally consumed by their dysfunctional behavior.  Think of all the worry, pain, sorrow and time that is wasted on divorce, teen pregnancy, crime, delinquency, drugs, alcohol and a host of bad behaviors. 

It takes time and positive energy to create and move forward.  If you lazily continue on a path to destruction - you rob this country and your community of people who can accomplish great things.

"NO...NO....You can't put that on my shoulders.  It's my child's fault that he didn't turn out right!  I loved him and gave him everything, how he turns out is not my fault!"

Sorry kiddo.  If you don't search for a parenting plan that works.....your child won't turn out right and yes....that's your job! 

Now...having said that, There's no perfect parent and there's no perfect child. is our responsibility to raise good children who can take their place in society and be strong leaders who know right from wrong.

Here's the good long as there isn't a physical or medical problem....I have NEVER met a child that didn't want to do the right thing and get praised for his action.  What I have met are a lot of confused children who don't know what "the right thing" is!  That's where the rub comes in.  You - the parent - must know "the right thing" so you can pass that nugget of information on to your children. 

Don't know what that is????  Keep listening and learning.  Read a parenting book.  Have a speaker come to your church or organization.  I would love to come.  OR...Check out my Mommy Detective Blog

If you are like me you'll make some mistakes but you'll keep working on it and when your children are older you'll be able to stand on the biblical principle..."Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it."

God loves you,


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