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Monday, August 17, 2009

Words are important

It's very important that we keep talking about the current administration and the Health Care Bill. I think they truly believe that they know best about how we should live our personal lives. It appears that the current administration feels they "need" to tell us how to live or else we just aren't capable of doing it right.

Today they are mincing words about the public option clause. They say it's off the table, on the table and Fox news is confident nothing has change but rather just been renamed. I think we have to be very informed and careful about what we hear.

I am an "informed" person. I'm not just talking without doing the research. Over the week-end I watched two town hall meeting with Obama. I was amazed at how he "spun" his words and avoided direct answers in order to win approval. As always I continue to scratch my head and wonder why so many think this man is smart. I just don't get it.

For example, he told one crowd that he was going to save a lot of money by requiring hospitals to be like auto mechanics....What? Yep, that's what he said.

He went on to say that when you take your car to a mechanic - if the same thing breaks two weeks later - you don't have to go in and pay for it again. You expect the mechanic to get it right!

First of all, most of the time unless it's because the part broke and maybe it's under a warranty- if it breaks again, I do pay for it! Usually, the mechanic tells me it broke again because I didn't fix some other item so I wind up paying for both of them.

Second of all - since when is any human like a car? If you go to the hospital for a cold and you take the medicine but two weeks later you aren't better - it's not because the doctor did something wrong. It's because you need a different drug or perhaps something else is the root cause.

Obama is planning to force doctors to take a "plan" option for any ailment. In other words no matter how many times he sees you - he only gets paid for one overall treatment. So, if your condition develops into something more serious your doctor will have to suck it up and treat you at the first cost and not be reimbursed for the more serious charge.

Wow! that's going to keep doctors honest isn't it? That's going to cause these awful uncaring doctors to get it right the first time....oh but another section of the bill Mr. Obama is going to save money because he's not going to allow all these unnecessary tests. What?

So....let's get this straight - I don't want to misquote this man. You go to the doctor for a cold. He's not allowed to do an x-ray to see if it's pneumonia or do a culture to see if it's strep. Those tests are just unnecessary. But, if you go home and it turns into pneumonia and you have to go back to the doctor - he has to treat you for free.

Wow....can't you just see all the doctors lining up to participate in that?

I get more worried every time this (intelligent? or con?) man opens his mouth.

Please click over and read the Mommy Detective blog and what Chuck Norris has to say about the bill and parents rights. To me, that's scarier than Hitler.

God loves you,


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