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Friday, August 7, 2009

Smoke and Mirrors

Have you ever watched the face of a child when Dad teases them with a magic trick? You hide the quarter in one hand while pretending to throw it in the air. Then you pretend to pull it out from behind their ear....the child laughs and all is well.

That's fine when your a child. It's not a fun trick if your over 18 and the government is using smoke and mirrors to steal your freedoms.

"That would never happen to Americans. We are much too smart for that."

The magic spin can happen to any "uninformed" person. It can happen to a devout Christian. It can happen to a politician. It can happen to a marine.

If you don't investigate the details in any situation, you can be fooled.

Unfortunately, politicians have been allowed to "spin" their views to get us to go along. "Spin" is another word for "Lying".

I love all of you and I am committed to writing blogs, booklets, books and classes that will help you get through your day. Unfortunately, my voice and every voice in America will be silenced if we don't take proper measures now.

So, I encourage you to get involved. Watch Fox cable news if you can and if not check out Subscribe to a news source like
Check in with your representatives and find out what they are doing. Read a book or check out an informative blog.

And even more important, find out all you can about next years elections. Don't vote for people that are trying to take away your freedoms.

Why am I so concerned? Because the smoke and mirror of this administration is to keep you preoccupied with the economy while they make a power grab from your freedom in other areas. They want to control how you parent, how many children you will have and even how you die. They want to change the constitution and the way we run this country.

Don't believe me...Good! Check it out for yourself, but don't play the child and just laugh at the joke. Be an adult and dig to find the answers. Be mature enough to talk to those that have different opinions. The answers are out there in black and white, you just have to wade through smoke to get to them.

God loves you,


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