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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm not stupid....

I agree with these two, I think we need to pray harder, do some research and be prepared and then go to a town hall meeting and speak up.
I appreciate Fox News for televising two town hall meetings today. I am amazed at the things I heard.

It constantly amazes me how some people can tell a lie with a straight face. Even when Senator Specter had a constituent ask a question based on actual "quotes" he disputed the fact that the bill was in place or that it had any relevance to what he felt was right. He cut his answers short and avoided some questions all together.

It was evident through careful listening to this man - and to analysis of his answers that he has very little expertise in financial matters and even less information about health care. He did not appear to be fully engaged in the debate. At one point he seemed to be more concerned about a tie microphone than he was about facing the person asking the question. For the next 15 minutes he played with his microphone and paid little attention to what he was being asked.

Then to add to the spin of lies, Mr. Obama took the stage at 1pm. First of all he lies to the press saying that no one has been screened for his town hall meeting. While protesters line the streets, inside he is applauded and cheered. Lie #1

In his opening statements he talks about the big bad mean insurance companies that refuse care. His statements laid out the awful things they do and how he was going to stop it. Lie #2

While I'm sure there is corruption in some Insurance companies - that does not make all of them demonic. They can't provide for us unless they are allowed to make some type of profit. If they can't make money how are they going to pay their employees.

Let me repeat his plan for you....1. Insurance companies would be told what they could charge.

2. Insurance companies would not be allowed to refuse you on the basis of pre-existing problems or to drop you because you needed expensive care.

3. Insurance companies would be required to give you yearly screenings.

4. Insurance companies would not be allowed to make bonuses or to make a profit that might be reflected in a CEO's overall pay.

I'm not Stupid. I'm a psychologist - not an economist, but I think I can figure this one out on my own.

Let's say I'm a businessman and I have an insurance company. I'm not trying to cheat people and I do want to offer a good product. The Government decides that I can't charge more than $200 a month for a general health plan. But...over the life of an individual I know that I will spend much more than that. I know that I will spend a total average of $800 for that individual's health care.

Then the government tells me that I can't refuse you based on a pre-existing problem. Therefore, even though I know that your problem - say cancer or aids - will mean that I won't have the money to pay for little Johnnie's broken arm - I still have to accept you. I also can't tell those I insure that they will have to help pay for "wellness" care - yearly checkups etc... That means that I am required to cover more services with less income.

Finally, even if I figure out a way to cover more services while being forced to charge less, if I do make a profit - I will be in jeopardy of losing my business.

Does this sound like it will work to you??? How can you cover more services, be punished for success and do it all on half the income??

And better yet....even though Joe Blow Insurance company can't do that - the federal government can ---all without taxes or rationing. Right...!?!

Pay attention to the details - PLEASE This won't work and no matter how many times this evil administration tries to push the lie - the outcome will be the same. He is not the messiah and can't turn two loaves and five fishes into a mountain of food. HE CAN'T DO THIS.

It will mean the end of all insurance companies - because what insurance company can stay afloat with those rules? AND if all the insurance companies go out of business - then what? Nationalized health care and the administration can say -"Oh we didn't do that. We can't help it if they can't compete."

It will mean rationing because what doctor in their right mind would want to work at a government set rate?

And....if they are going to do this to the system - i.e. take in $200 when the price is $800 there will have to be long lines - rationing and people in pain.

Please pass this around and do all you can to help people see the truth. This administration is lying to you. It is a grab for more power and for more control over your lives. It is not a compassionate plan for better health care.

And before I leave you with this plea, I thought it was a cheap shot that he used a scared little 10-12 year old girl to ask a question. A question that she seemed to have no idea what she was talking about but only read a prepared idea. Ha ha...and then he went off on a tangent and didn't even answer her question. What a show!

His reference to her question involved the his interpretation of the "spin" that there were going to be death squads and that no one would be required to death counseling. Yet, as I posted - it is listed in black and white that anyone facing death would have to received "death counseling" and a doctor's death order. Hum....lie, lie, lie
Let's fix a few problems like Tort reform and let our free market do the rest.

Be smart. You are not stupid. Don't believe the lies. Read the bills.

God loves you,


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