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Sunday, December 14, 2008

You have nothing to fear....

Over the last few days I've met with many people who are afraid of the future. In fact they are so afraid that they yell at their children and often cause public displays of anger. Tempers are flaring and relationships are strained. There's even news stories about grandparents being so determined to continue their present lifestyles that they have resorted to stealing.

Once again let me encourage you ! Calm down....we can get through this together.'s terrible -- but there are solutions!

First of all, I haven't written as many blogs on this subject as I would like because I am committed to truth and honesty. I am not going to suggest something to you that I haven't tried. When I do suggest something, I want to be able to give you a guarantee. I know we can do this!

Ron and I do something special for several people at Christmastime. It's never been a big deal until we received the news that his pay would be cut. We prayed and decided we would not budge on this issue. We will cut down on everything else, but the generous love and support we provide to these people will not stop.

Today I was at the post office boxing those packages when a young lady stopped to put stamps on her Christmas Cards. Her precious daughter kept saying, "Merry Christmas to me, merry merry Christmas to me."

I smiled and commented, "She's a beautiful child." Mom and I talked for a moment. It didn't take long for me to find out that she lost her job several months ago and her husband would probably lose his in the next month or so. Even facing such a difficult time, her smile was wide and her face was glowing. She comforted me when she said, "We decided that we can handle anything life throws at us. What else are we going to do? Our family and our children are what really matters. We all love each other and we are going to keep loving each other - job or no job."

I told her that's exactly how I felt and she continued, "It's scary and yet it's not. I didn't realize how much I could get along without." She patted her daughter Kennedy on the head and smiled. "It's good for my children to know that they don't have to have everything they want. They can live a happy life without all their wants being met. Yes, I think this will work out to be a good thing in our life."

WOW! What a wonderful outlook! I gave her my card, but I wish I had her address. I would send her a batch of cookies and a medal for being so inspiring! I will be praying for her and her family.

During the great depression President Roosevelt gave the American people an unforgettable phrase in one of his fireside chats. "There is nothing to fear but fear itself."

Like those times, we are playing a mind game. I'll admit it....I am anxious and at times I have what seems like a wave of fear roll over my head. I fight it...and yes, so far I'm winning. But it's still scary! I understand other people who feel anxious about the "the mind" game.

But.... what we can't afford to do is have an attitude that gives up before the fight has even begun. Surely you've met someone like that in the last few weeks. You don't mind the person that holds your hand, cries and says pray for me. But, it's hard to take the one that sits in the chair depressed and talks about death and how we should all eat worms and die. They have a defeatist attitude that makes everyone around them look the other way hoping for a way out of the room. And when they do find a willing ear, those who listen fall deeper into their own depression trap.

I'm not a name it and claim it person. I don't believe we should be positive about everything. There are times we have to tell the truth and acknowledge the events around us even if they are depressing. BUT......I believe that we can survive much more than we think and with God's help we can survive more than the entire world thinks. I also believe that the strongest Christian isn't someone who preaches to a crowd or writes a best seller.

No...the strongest Christian is one who can't see God anywhere around and yet he looks Satan and all his demons in the face and says..."Get out."

The strongest Christian isn't one who believes that God will be his deliver when he has no wants or needs. Instead, I believe the strongest Christian is one who lives in a dark cold cell but looks to the sky and continues to believe that God will bring deliverance.

Satan is playing a huge mind game on America this Christmas.

1. Television and all forms of media are doing everything they can to convince us that we are doomed and that our generation will suffer for years to come. Christians are unpopular and deranged second class citizens. The stock market is doomed and may never recover. The environment is damaged beyond repair. All hopes for a beautiful life has just "gone with the wind."

2. We have been taught by television and marketing experts that we can't be happy without "things". We must have "things" in order to survive. We must be pampered. We must have lots of money. If we don't have all the latest gadgets - we are failures.

3. The media and many church giants teach that God does not care about your daily life. He's just a doddering old grandfather that tells you he loves you, but can't help you in any way.

4. Contemporary psychology tells you that your family will never treat you like they should. Most of the social and psychological needs you have - can't be solved. Just take a pill until you don't feel anything.

5. You have no responsibilities but that's okay because you also don't have any answers. Since everyone is like you, there can't be a solution.

So day by day, people believe the lies and fear the future. They stop working on their families and they dig deeper into financial and spiritual bankruptcy.


Don't believe the lies. None of those statements are true unless you have forgotten to call the biggest superhero of them all - God.

1. Yes, the world is worst than it was in 1949 ----But God is still the answer! He can solve all of our problems. Trust him to lead you through. You have no idea how much he wants to prosper you.

2. Things are worthless. Hold both hands out in front of you. Imagine your child sitting in one hand and your car sitting in the other. God looks down and says..."Which do you want? You must choose only one." You scream - "My child of course!" He smiles and instantly the car disappears and in it's place is your house. Again he asks, "Which do you want?" Again you scream, "My child!"

Apply this test to any "thing" you own and you will find out you can live without most everything as long as your family is safe.

3. #3 is the worst lie of all. If the world can make you believe that God really doesn't care, they have you trapped. Just remember this ---why would God send his only son to die for you if he didn't want to be involved in your life? Duh! You don't die for someone and then say..."I don't have time for you." Of course God cares! Trust Him!

4. The world doesn't want you to think. Thinking might lead to inspiration and inspiration will definitely lead to solutions to problems. There are answers! Don't believe the lie that we are out of options and solutions. We may have to work hard to get out of this mess...but there are always solutions.

5. Anytime a society stops thinking about what's good for their fellowman and thinks only of what's good for the individual - we lose the hope of a better future. You must take responsibility for the outcome of your life as well as those around you.

SO.....If answers are possible and we have all the tools and all the we have our loved ones around us....what are we afraid of?

But Debbie, what if I lose my home?

Do your children love you? Yes.... Does your husband love you? Yes.... Close your eyes. Can you see yourself in tiny apartment kitchen cooking up a little supper for you and your family? Yes. Do you still love them? Yes.

So....what are you afraid of? Hum...

President Roosevelt was right. We have nothing to fear but fear itself.

You can do this. You can survive. Will it be hard? Of course. But believe me, you can do it.

How do I know? Because countless millions who lived through history have done it. And even today there are those who have such courage that just one look will make you say...if he can do it, so can I.

Take a look at the following clip. This is a child. A child who has more courage than I think I would. He's not playing with other handicapped children - he's playing on a fully physically fit team. This takes courage. This takes hard work. If this child can do this - you can survive a financial crisis. Watch this clip and then go hug your family!

God loves you,


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