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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Healing Hugs

It's official. Ron and all the employees at Roadway Yellow will receive a 10% pay cut.

I stood in my kitchen and listened to Ron recount all the details, the fear of other workers and the anger of some. I thought about all the bad news I've heard lately and wondered what's in our future. The pay cut will hurt us. It will mean a huge change in how we live our lives.

Ron put his arms around me and we prayed together. Then he smiled, "God loves us. We will be okay. God will help us through this."

In that moment I realized the healing power of a hug. The warmth it brings to the body. The strength you feel when two people join together in purpose. The comfort of knowing that God has just hugged you through the arms of another person. Hugs are healing!

There are two things we all must have in order to survive this economic and political crisis.

1. We need God. We need to stick close to Him. We need to run to Him and ask His will for our lives. There's not much any of us can do about the economic and political crisis. The people who could have helped didn't and now we have to ride it out. Our only hope is to ask God to help us. There were people who survived WWII Germany and the Great depression in this country. Even in the middle of terrible problems, God was there and he protected and provided for many people. If we stay close to Him, he will take care of us.

2. We need our family. No one will care for you like your own family. If you have lost all your relatives - find a church family. Protecting and creating a loving family unit is the best protection against the outside world. If you have concentrated on your job and if you have not promoted your family unit, you may feel alone and scared. It's time to take a deep breath and mend those issue. Christmas is a wonderful time to step back and take stock of your family relationships.

How can you repair a difficult relationship or begin a new one with a church family??? Start with a Hug. It might seem stiff at first, but just take a deep breath. This will relax your entire body. Stretch out your arms- be sure and have your palms up. That will signify that you are not upset. SMILE, as big and wide as you possibly can. And then....Hug! don't you feel better.

If you need help repairing a strained relationship - send me an e-mail. I'll help you. You can do this! Having a strong and loving family will help all members survive the coming storms.

Merry Christmas,


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