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Friday, August 1, 2008

Jansen news and finding a mate

I love the look of the new website! I hope you will too. The address is the same,

We are busy adding to the website and when it's totally finished it will have many more pictures along with 40 pages of text. I love the format. It's now possible for me to change or add to any of the information. So....if you see something that you would like to know more about or would like to see expanded....just let me know.

I hope to have the new blogs completed soon. I've decided to maintain only three.

This is my main blog and you will see most of my writing here. I haven't changed the address so only the design is new. Did you know you can subscribe to a reader that will alert you anytime I add to this blog? Check the subscribe button or send me an e-mail and I'll get you started.

"Mommy Detective" will include specific examples of how to solve problems within the family unit. I hope you will participate and send questions about specific topics. All names and information will be kept confidential. Also, you may be asked to be in my next book Mommy Detective. I hope to have it finished by next spring.

"Just Write" will finally get more attention. It's a blog for writers and will include many "guest" authors.

My new book, Discipline Exposed will be released in October. I'm extremely excited about this book. It's a hard punch at why some forms of discipline work and why others do not. If you want a quick no-nonsense approach that will help you find success in your home - pre-order my book today!

Under Resources on the website you will find other helpful tools. I will be adding new tools to this tab over the next few months.

I hope you are having a wonderful summer. I am having a ball with all the new changes. Amie has returned to Ohio to live with her brother Jamie. Since she moved all of her stuff to his house, I was able to turn her room into a nice office. Having a functional place to write makes it much easier.

Amie is going to be Jamie's secretary while she goes to school full time. She is excited about attending school during the day. She will graduate in December '09. She will also be working part time for me. Yes! She will be a busy gal. If you ask her how busy she will smile and say - "Never too busy to find Mr. Right." (ha ha)

Jamie is breaking all records with his business. He has become one of the premiere photographers in this area. He is extremely busy with the growth of his business. He is finally beginning to see improvement since his accident and is busy trying to drop the weight caused by sitting in a wheelchair for four months. He is so glad Amie is helping him and thinks she will be hard to replace. He smiles and says, "While she's looking for Mr. Right, I'm keeping my eye out for Miss Right."

Ken is busy too with his job at Crossroads Community Church. He is music director for the main campus and oversees the other three locations. He is taking the church to another level with his music and wants to see "true worship" change lives. When we are on the phone together he listens to his siblings comments and then says, "I just keep wondering where Miss Right is. I'm ready for her - but she must need better directions."

Ron and I will celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary on August 9th. I have had a wonderful marriage of love, excitement and pure joy. Marriage can either make or break your life. I've seen young people marry when it was obvious they were unsuited for each other. They do all they can to make it work and are committed to staying together. They seem determined to endure a bad situation and to make it as good as possible. I am proud of them for that kind of effort and I believe that all married couples should make a commitment and do their best to stand by it.

However, so many couples today are not reaching their potential in life simply because of their marriage. I've often said, "Be careful who you marry - they will determine your life." I've watched individuals with great talent marry someone who doesn't share their passion. It doesn't take long until the barbs and negative jabs at their passion causes them to lay it down and move on. We need supportive mates to be all that God wants us to be. Pursuing a passion takes determination and strength. Being pulled down by your spouse is often a pain that's impossible to overcome.

My greatest blessing has been Ron. He is my strength. When the job seems overwhelming and I'm not sure I can continue, he lifts me up and provides the help and encouragement I need. Any success I have is because of his love and support.

If you are single and looking for God's mate for you - make sure he/she shares your passions. If he/she doesn't, they can be the tool Satan uses to stop you from being all God wants you to be.

God loves you,


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