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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Songs for a "public" child

I'm looking out my office window at a beautiful summer sky. The afternoon sun rays are making shadow pictures on my wall. The cloudless sky is a quiet baby blue while a soft breeze ruffles the American flag in our front yard. Squirrels are rushing to find nuts and a tiny ground squirrel is pulling hard on an apple that has fallen near his home.

It just doesn't resemble the kind of brisk fall day that suggests the children should return to school. Next week, the buses will be growling and the kids will scurry around fussing about the need to start so early. Some children will be excited and talking a mile a minute. Others will rub their eyes and wish they had just one more hour of sleep. Still others will try to fade into the seat where hopefully no one will notice their anxiety.

Once upon a time, going to school was warm and inviting for children. Now it's a little more like basic training and a little less like Sunday School.

It's our job as parents to prepare our children for this yearly journey. There's a lot we can do to support their self-esteem and keep them energized about school. While we are doing all we can for their self-esteem, school supplies, proper clothes, money for activities, money for fun times, tutoring, being the house for friends and giving them spiritual and moral guidance - don't forget the songs.

Wake your children with "good" music. Music that not only energizes but builds strong character as well. It's been proven that not only is classical music soothing, but it also builds a child's ability to understand math. Listening to classical music can up their points in math class by 25%. That's huge!

While we are supporting all those things for our children don't forget the songs that carry them into battle. Songs like "David & Goliath", Roll the Chariot" and "Be careful little hands what you do." Just in case you don't remember that one, here's how it goes.

Oh, be careful little hands what you do.
Oh, be careful little hands what you do.
For the Father up above is looking down in love
So be careful little hands what you do.

The other verses are the same with these changes....

Oh, be careful little ears what you hear.

Oh be careful little feet where you go.

Oh, be careful little eyes what you see. (Parents should sing this verse while picking out movies to rent.)

When my children entered their teen years I used to sing this one as I prayed for them...

Oh, be careful little hearts who you love.
Oh, be careful little hearts who you love.
For the Father up above, designed a mate for you,
Oh, be careful little hearts who you love.

Let's all join together in song and prayer for our children as they start the new school year.

"I pray dear Father for every parent that they will have wisdom and strength to handle this year with your love and compassion. I pray for every child that you will protect them and keep them strong in you. May they have a productive year full of promise and joy. Let your love cover them in every circumstance."

God loves you,


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