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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I sat on my front porch at dusk to catch a few moments of peace and quiet. My mind was filled with the writings of the day, the phone call for help and the supper dishes that called. I took a deep breath and whispered, "I need you Lord. Shine your light on me."

I heard the buzz of a hummingbird as he made his way around the edge of the porch and landed on the feeder. The leaves of the oak rustled with a fresh wind. The porch swing added a sing song squeak as I rocked back and forth on my heals. The sun dropped from view as I continued to swing and allow my cares to float away. One nagging problem was lodged in my thinking. I couldn't budge it from my thoughts.

"Just let go. God will take care of it. Let it ride away on the wind," I prayed.

As I opened my eyes the dance began. It was as if God was orchestrating a beautiful show before me. 30-40 Fireflies were having a party. The swing stopped and I held my breath watching the beautiful display.

I remembered the joy and wonder of seeing these magnificent little creatures when I was little. While grown-ups sat in porch rockers, talked and moaned on about life, I would dangle my feet over the porch edge and try to catch the fireflies that came close. Several times in bare feet I would run around the yard chasing the tiny flashlights. The grass was cool and soft and I felt free and giddy. I wondered if I caught enough and put them in a jar, would they light a room?

I continued to swing and watch the display until every care from my busy day was gone. I did a little research and found that fireflies are a miracle from God.

In fireflies light production is due to a chemical reaction called bio luminescence, which occurs in specialized light-emitting organs usually on the lower abdomen. The light they produce is called "cold light" and contains no ultraviolet or infrared rays. Scientist are amazed that the lighting process has an efficiency of up to 96%. In other words, all of the energy used actually produces the light with very little producing by products such as heat. In contrast, an electric bulb can convert only 10 % of energy into light and the rest is heat.

I smiled at the possibility that this little creature was a tiny reflection of God himself. So often in my life I've needed to see or feel God. I've needed just a bit of encouragement that would reach into my frenzied life and give hope. Tiny little bugs in my front yard seemed to say...,

(LIGHT) "Look at me, Debbie. I shouldn't be able to do this but with God's help I can." (LIGHT)

(LIGHT) "Hey Debbie, my light shines bright just like the love of God." (LIGHT)

(LIGHT) "I can light up the world yet look how very small I am." (LIGHT)

(LIGHT) "When God uses us, even if we are less than an inch, we can accomplish big things." (LIGHT)

(LIGHT) "Being what God has called you to be will give you and others great joy." (LIGHT)

I hope you will take a lesson from the firefly and let God use you today to be all he created you to be. If you do, you just might light up the world!

God loves you,


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