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Monday, October 22, 2007

Working on the website

Hi yawl!

What a week it has been. I am cooking up a lot of surprises for the website. I know it's been a little dull lately waiting for all the changes, but when they are finished I think you will be thrilled. I know I am!!!

I've written several episodes of Aunt Sally, designed several more blogs and prepared many other resources.

Please forgive the intro page that still has my happy birthday greetings. Ken accepted a new position in Freeport, Illinois and will need the next two weeks to get moved. He is very excited about this new position and so are we. We plan to visit him and enjoy his first service. It's all very exciting. Once he is settled he will get a lot of the new stuff posted. Thanks for being so patient.

Jamie is recovering! Praise God! What a blessing your prayers have been. This has turned out so much better than we thought. I was thrilled to see him walking (still favoring one side) with a cane. Go Jamie Go!

Amie is doing well in Florida. She is teaching at a title one school and is working with severely emotionally handicapped children. What a blessing she is there.

Holidays are coming and that means my folks will be here. I can't wait! I'm planning something special between you and them. Be sure and watch for the Jansen family Christmas party. You are invited!

One of the new items on the website will be "Spotlight Heroes". I need your participation. I want to post your hero, their picture and a story about them on the website. E-mail me for a list of questions to answer. How fun! I will get to know your hero and you will get to know mine! And after all....if they are our heroes, they truly need to be in the spotlight.

I also need your participation for our "Prayer Request" page. You have been so wonderful to pray for me, I want to pray for you. Just e-mail your request to me. Please be short and leave out any personal information that would embarrass the people we are praying for. After all - this is on a website and anyone can see it. You can use initials or just say....unspoken request... I promise to pray for these issues everyday and I will be encouraging everyone else to pray with me.

There's lots more coming. Be patient for a little longer and prepare to make this your favorite place to be.

I am praying that every time you visit the website you will feel at home. I hope you will imagine that I'm opening my front door and saying, "Hello darling...I'm so glad you dropped by today. Come on in and let's have a cup of coffee." Whatever you need for the day I hope you find here. A joke, a scripture, some advice, some fun or maybe just a willing heart to listen to your concerns. From now on let's make it from my home to yours...

God loves you,


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