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Saturday, October 27, 2007

What to do with FALL !

Hi Yawl ! It's Fall. At least it's fall here in Ohio. The trees are turning and the air has that crisp fresh feeling. Some people look at fall as a depressing time. Some of Nature is dying and the rest is drifting away into a sleep that will last the harsh winter. For those people it can feel depressing.
I love the fall. Yes, I know that the flowers I've o-o-oed over during the spring are dead and it's my job to sweep the remains away. But as I look into the brilliant colors of oak trees and watch as the sky gives her own brand of fireworks, I want to be just like them.

Huh? Even in death they have found beauty. It's a reminder that we should approach every season of life with our own special flair. Don't drift blandly into any season. No matter what you are called on to do, do it with style - your style.

I think Fall is saying - "I might be dying but I'm going out with a blast! Even if that blast is only in the colors I produce. I will make you see me."
And what can we learn from fall?

1. Fall on your knees and thank God for all his blessings no matter how small.

2. Fall into the wonder of playing with a child.

3. Fall into the arms of the one you love.

4. Fall into a giggling, hugging match with a child.

5. Let that child fall into your arms and feel safe and loved.

6. Fall into the Love of your Heavenly Father.

7. Fall into the belief that out of ashes our heavenly father brings joy.

God loves you,


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