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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's

How Fun! I just finished watching The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's. You have got to get one of these DVD's for any child you love!

As many of you know, I am the administrator of my church library. We have over 8,500 items in our library. Anytime a new Veggie Tales arrives, I make sure and watch it first. It gives me a way to connect with the children and a fun way to tease with them.

The Wizard of Ha's is not only fun, but it is a wonderful way to help the children you love see their world properly. Why?

Children are like gardens. They need structure and help to grow beautiful flowers. Otherwise they can produce some of the most bizarre weeds.

One of the most devastating weeds can erupt in one of two ways.

First, children are afraid of telling the truth about improper actions. When a child breaks something in the house, takes an item without asking or kicks the dog - it can be terrifying to look into an angry parent's eyes and tell the absolute truth. To cover their fears a child will either lie or make up some ludicrous excuse.

It's important that every parent make it easy for a child to approach them with problems or infractions. I made sure I told my children on a regular basis that if they were honest about any problem - not only would they NOT be punished - but they would be rewarded for telling the truth. It was extremely hard to keep that promise. More than once I had to take a breather in the bathroom before confronting a child about a broken lamp or whatever. Remaining calm and offering praise for the "honesty" rather than punishment for mistakes proved to be a fantastic asset later on.

The second way this "weed" can damage your child is far deeper than just being afraid of you. If they feel they have to lie to avoid your wrath, they will also feel that something is lacking in your love for them. They often convince themselves that if they do enough things wrong, your love will disappear and you will no longer want them.


There are times when our children must see our anger in order to understand authority and the consequences of doing wrong. However, that should be saved for truly awful behavior. On the whole, our children must be convinced that our love outweighs our wrath and that we will always love them.

What better way to do that than to teach the story of the Prodigal Son. Veggie Tales inventor Phil Vischer is right. The Prodigal Son is a tough story for small children to understand. In his silly little story of "The Wizard of Ha's" he drives home the love our earthly and heavenly Fathers have for us.

I highly recommend this DVD to you and your family. I'm excited about the good this video can accomplish. So excited, that I'm going to use this item to fill my own Christmas list.

Besides, there's nothing better for you and your children than to pop a bowl of popcorn, find some cozy pillows, turn a movie like this on and giggle/snuggle with your kids.

God loves you,


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