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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Lies and Logic

I try to make this blog an inspiring discussion on many different subjects. I try to avoid some subjects because they are too absurd or they are so detailed it would take weeks to cover just the basics.

However, I read an article on AOL that I think will help many of you see the basic problem with a "totally" liberal lifestyle.

The article was on Rosie O'Donnell. I don't like to watch reality TV or most talk shows. For a thinker -- those shows seem like so much dribble. I don't like the reality shows because I want to enroll the participants in either a college or relationship class. I don't like talk shows because I don't take advice from a dysfunctional person. If they don't have their personal act together - I don't have faith in their philosophies.

When I was in college I wanted to write a book on parenting. I saw a lot of problems with the ones I was required to read. When asked when I would start, I replied, "Once my children are 30 and I can be sure my parenting knowledge had been proven.

I have no confidence in political and television liberal personalities. Why? Because if you look deep into their lives you will find inconsistencies. And, just so you know....if I look deep into a Conservative life and find inconsistencies - there's not a whole lot of chance that I will believe what they say either.

Inconsistency is the same as a hypocritical life. People who say one thing and do something else. It can also be likened to someone who can't stay on task. A person who likes to ride the fence - tossing back and forth between one side and the other. It's also a person who plays the odds. You know that type. He's all for the sanctity of life until some voter says she couldn't vote for someone who wouldn't let her choose. Then he says something like, "Well, I'm all for pro-life unless the mother wants to choose for herself."

Since I have a degree in psychology I can verify for you that Rosie is a very sick lady. And from the Biblical standpoint she is also in trouble with eternity. An unfortunate side effect to all her rantings is that uninformed people have chosen to believe her. Young girls who would have otherwise had a perfectly normal life have been enticed into the gay lifestyle. Children who could have been adopted by normal parents and had a wonderful childhood are now subjected to liberal bias and will be lead down an impossible road.

But the problem is not Rosie. We've had sick people in this world for a long time. The problem is that too many people do not understand proper logic and how to see a lie long before it's thrown.

The AOL article entitled "Rosie's tell all - A train wreck" is a perfect example of lies and logic. The first half of the article trashes Rosie's book. It says that you need a psych degree to tell the insightful from the nutty. The author McClurg leads you to believe that Rosie is a sick woman crying out for help and that the book is the rantings of a mad woman. She shares a lot of quotes from her book including Rosie's rant, "Radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America."

Apparently McClurg's boss came in and looked over her shoulder because within a few sentences the article does an about face calling her book, "O'Donnell in Detox provides a big blast of fresh air in an industry that enshrines shallowness." So what is this article telling us? Which part of the article is true? Is Rosie crazy or insightful?

Logic that you can build your life on does not react like flip flop Kerry. Real logic, solid life building logic is filled with facts and order and doesn't let you down in the middle of a crisis.

I take days, sometimes months or even years to mull over a problem and decide what the proper logic is for a situation. I gather the facts, try out my hypothesis in different situations and look for inconsistencies in my thinking. I have a basic knowledge of some unsolved problems and have been called on to give advice to people - but I'm still working to solve the inconsistencies. And I'm the first to tell my clients - "This may not work - I'm still working on this area."

When I face God I want to know that He can follow my life logic and that He will be proud of the wisdom I've acquired. I personally think in our own small way we can all be a Solomon in our own lives.

And where do I get my information? From the Bible first, from prayer second and from education third. The most important thing I pray for is wisdom. I want wisdom to help me decipher the information and wisdom to help me see the lies and wisdom to help develop a plan to live by.

You can have all of that too! Don't give up. Keep trying and working on your beliefs. Read your Bible, pray for wisdom and keep you eyes and ears open. God will help you live the best life possible!

God loves you,


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