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Friday, July 15, 2011

How can we change America and the world?

Contemporary psychology promotes the idea that when we are born we are complete.  Every thought, every action, every disposition is in place and there's really nothing anyone else in the world can do about it.  Government, society, ideologues play into that philosophy by agreeing that a person is who he is and that since he can't change without help..."the masses".....should be told what to do and what to think.  Of course that's a contradiction - if governments and ideologues can tell you what to do and get you to change - why can't parents or friends?

Parenting is the lowest common denominator!  Everything in this world comes back to parenting - everything!  Society begins with parenting.  Governments begin with parenting.  The person you have become and will continue to be is rooted in parenting.  

How can you say that?   What about people who don't have parents?

Someone took that role.  Babies can't exist on their own.  They don't have the ability to feed or care for themselves.  Someone must take on that role and help them at least reach the level of being able to survive alone.  And even if they were on a island and their parent died when they were four....being without a parent and trying to exist alone would turn their life in a different direction.  Those formative years are the most important to a human.  And the person that's shaping those years will determine the future direction of that life.  P-e-r-i-o-d!

But what about our personality, our uniqueness, our intelligence...don't they shape our lives as well?

Of course they do - but it's the percentage we should look at.  We are environment and family based people.  There's been a lot of research done on this.  That's why when a person goes to see a psychologist - the first topic he wants to discuss is your family.  "Tell me about your mother - your father - your home growing up."  Yes we can be influenced by other forces, but it's our need to be loved and accepted by our family that drives us.  It's all the swirling and subconscious movement of our formative years that festers and bubbles up into our conscious lives.

You my dear are a beautiful design created first by God.  He gave you a soul, a heart to love, a mind to think and his love to grow on.  The moment you were born, your need to grow in love propelled you to crave touch and intimacy with others.  It begins with a mother and father showing you both sides of pure protective love.  Good parents will protect your innocence, your physical well being and your mind.      Good parents provide a safe environment where you can build your faith, your self esteem, your talents and your love and compassion for others.  In this safe environment you learn to work hard, to develop a pure love for others and how to not only fit in society but how to help society become a better place for others as well. In other words, your family - your environment - teaches you how to be the best person you can be so that you will go out and impact society.

As you rub up against others you do change, but strong individual rooted in truth will refuse change based only on a dysfunctional need to be accepted by others.  The goal is to only change if you were truly wrong.  The goal is to be a light of right - a person who stands for the truth and is willing to share that truth with others.  It's only then that our society goes forward.

As long as parents are sending dysfunctional teens and young adults into the world - this world is doomed!  It's only when parents decide that their biggest and most important job is to deliver a whole and healthy adult to society - that's when America changes!  That's when churches get better!  That's when crime diminishes!  That's when the entire world is impacted.

As long as parents want to foolishly promote that they have nothing to do with their child's life - the world will be on a downward spiral to impending doom.

The solution isn't to take children away from parents.  If you think parents are missing the mark with their children - just wait until you see a child raised by a government.  That's absolutely the most dysfunctional child on the planet.

The solution is for parents to understand their job, their calling and how important their love is.  When parents are as committed to raising a healthy child as they are to taking care of their own bodies or being successful at work - that's when the world will change!

God loves you,


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