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Friday, November 6, 2009

The Value of One Life

The holidays are a happy time for all of us. We love the lights and the excitement of spending time with friends and family. Many people are struggling with a down economy, less money, trouble at work and fear about our future.

Into this mix bag of difficult emotional times walks a young girl. She's barely 9 and is the joy to those around her. Unfortunately she has an inoperable brain tumor. My son Ken is a pastor and very close to the Ives family. He's met little Sydney and says she is an adorable angel. It breaks our hearts to hear of such tragedy in one so young and yet....we are moved by her courage, her strength and her desire to give hope to those around her.

In your busy days and as you prepare for the holidays I encourage you to go on her website and read the story of this courageous young girl. It will humble you. It will inspire you and I hope it will help you to see the "really" important things in your own life.

She is at death's door and the family really needs your prayers. Almost 613,000 people have visited her site. I encourage you to do so today.

God loves you,


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