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Friday, November 6, 2009

The Commander in Cruelty

Just after the 9/11 attacks President Bush took all of three minutes to make sure that children in 1st grade would not be alarmed.  He finished reading a short little book, excused himself and then hurried to make an off the cuff announcement to calm the nation.  His thoughts were to protect children and to calm his country.

Yesterday 13 of our brightest and finest preparing to deploy to fight for our freedom lost their lives in a brutal and horrible attack.  For three hours Mr. Obama hid himself in a conference that was discussing the care of Indians.  I have nothing against Indians.  But even if I had a one on one with a president, even if I was sitting in his office....if the news of a tragedy came in - I would WANT him to say, "Excuse me, I need to take care of this."  That's part of his job!  Yesterday, Mr. Obama again proved that he doesn't care what happens to the general public.  As long as someone isn't shooting at him he's fine with what's going on. 

When newscasters announced that the President would "finally" speak, I was expecting a comforting, kind, understanding speech.  Instead, while broken and hurting family members waited for words of understanding, he does a shout out to someone in the conference.  It was as if he had no concern whatsoever for the hurting families or families that were still under lockdown.

I was appalled and frustrated as I screamed at the TV.  Apparently I wasn't alone.  In an article by Robert A George he recounted Obama's frightening insensitivity following the shooting.  A-Disconnected-President

Perhaps you would like to decide for yourself...

God have mercy on us,

God loves you,


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