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Monday, January 19, 2009

95.5 The Fish

America has become difficult for Chrisitian parents. We all worry about the issues our children will face when they leave the safety of our homes and face that outside world - alone.

Well, not totally alone of course. God is there and memories of us will guide them. Most of the time they rely on the internal character that was carefully built by the enviornment in their home. It was shaped with the music they listened to, the books they read and the parenting they received.

It's hard for parents to strike that balance between giving their child a reason to connect with others in school and providing protection from things we know will hurt them. Music and radio stations have become a source of great stress for many parents.

95.5 The Fish to the rescue!

If you can't get them on your radio, you can listen to them on the internet. They have wonderful hosts and terrific programs. My personal favorite is the morning show with Brooke, Len and Mark.

If you tune in regularly, you will be able to take a deep breath and leave the worries about your children behind. The contemporary style of music will appeal to your children and the "all Christian" content will leave you smiling with confidence.

I was on the morning show with Brooke, Len and Mark today. What a fun group! And check it out - Brooke heads up the Mom Squad. You can click on the Mom Squad box on the main page or go to their blog at

Have fun!

God loves you,


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