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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mr. Obama is NOt "my" president - Psychological

Before you read this article, I hope you will read the first one in this series.

In my first article, Mr. Obama is NOT "my" president, I explained the historical reasons for my belief that I had the right to a personal protest.

Now let's explore the psychological reasons you and I both have the right to deny him as "our"president. What do I mean by that statement?

As far as I'm concerned Mr. Obama is doing the job of president. He is filling a role. While I respect the role of president and I agree that we need a person in that position - Mr. Obama does not have my respect and I do not consider him "my" president. I adamantly do NOT believe that God had anything to do with placing him there and I do NOT believe that he is God's pick. That's ludicrous. I may have to acknowledge the position but I do not have to acknowledge the man.

If thousands across this nation have the right to take my Lord and Savior's name in vain, then I most certainly have the right to continue my protest by refusing the protocol of calling Mr. Obama president.

It is our Christian duty to be compassionate and kind. That means that if we were to see Mr. Obama walking down the street, we would simply take another route, look the other way and keep walking. We might even stare for a moment and keep our mouth shut. I don't believe a good Christian or a classy person would cause a scene because we don't accept him as president.

If however, he tries to make a law that states we are not allowed to attend our local church on Sunday morning - it is our Christian duty to oppose him, work against him and in protest to march in full force to our local church.

If he comes to my town and goes into a local restaurant with his family and I happen to be there, it is my right and I still have the freedom to get up and leave. It is NOT my Christian right to cause a scene or spit on him when I walk by.

If he enacts laws that would call for the persecution of my Christian friends, it is my duty as a Christian to keep a low profile and try to smuggle those Christians to safety. It is also my right and duty to speak out on anything he's doing that I feel is wrong and to try to help others see my point of view.

Get the idea? I'm not advocating riots in the streets or fights with your democrat friends. That would be totally unchristian.

I was a teen during the 60's. Violence by bigoted men and women was horrible. I respected Martin Luther King and his Non-violent protest. I didn't understand or like the signs that read "no colored served" or bathrooms that were designated "white" and "colored". I read King's words and felt inspired to take a stand against the cruelty that riddled through the south.

I remember riding steamy buses to work in downtown Atlanta. Burly white men with cigars dangling out of one side of their mouths would nod to whites and yell cruel statements to blacks. I always sat near the front for safety reasons. Once a "very" pregnant black woman loaded with packages and trying to hold the hand of a two-year-old boarded the bus. The bus was filled beyond capacity and many people were standing in the aisle. I jumped to my feet and pointed for the pregnant lady to take my seat. The bus driver started to pull away from the curb and stopped.

"You, ****** get to the back of the bus!"

"No." I stepped in front of her. "I gave her my seat. She doesn't have to move."

The beer belly driver put the bus in park and turned to face me. "I said she has to move. I don't want to smell her."

"She's pregnant. I gave her my seat and I say she stays."

He clinched his jaw and started toward me. "I can throw you both off this bus. What I say goes on this bus. Now both of you get to the back!"

She pleaded with me to let her move to the back. I smiled and winked, "He won't do that." I turned to him. "If you kick me off the bus, I'll get a taxi and go straight to Channel 5. I'll tell them all about you and how awful you were to a poor helpless teenager and a pregnant woman. They would love it. You'll be famous for being a jerk."

"You won't have time to do that kid. I'm going to call the police."

"Go ahead. That will just add to the story. Big, bad bus driver has teen arrested so he can beat up on a pregnant woman."

He gritted his teeth and clenched his fist. Traffic was building behind us. I stomped my foot and stood firm.

"What do I care if you are a ****** lover."

When he started the bus, my knees shook so hard I thought I was going to fall. I kept praying for more courage because now that the Adrenalin was gone, I was scared. I knew I couldn't get off at my stop because I knew he would take my actions out on her. I rode with her until she got off.

She was too scared to talk to me during the ride. She just kept mouthing - thank you. After she got off, I was only one of two people on the bus with the driver. God must have sent a huge angel to sit with me and get me back to my own stop. I was an hour late for work, but thrilled that I had one moment in the fight against violence in the south.

Why did I tell you that story? Because for the last 40 years that story has been a psychological boost to my definition of who I am. Every person on the planet has a built in desire to be defined by some moment. We need a moment that tests our beliefs and let's us breathe the air of freedom and taste the sweet assurance that comes from making wise decisions. We need to know that when push comes to shove that we will stand tall and support those decisions.

We need to be able to say, "I won that blue ribbon" or "I made those grades" or "I took up for my friend" or "I was a part of the platoon that crushed that evil." There's nothing more gratifying than facing a defining moment with courage. And there's no greater boost to your self-esteem than to walk away from that moment as a victor - knowing you made the right choice.

Unfortunately Hollywood and liberals are doing all they can to convince the general public that courage and standing for what's right isn't the mark of a leader or a desired trait among decent men. It's a lie! The best stories and the most successful movies are when the hero is truly heroic.

There is also no more crushing defeat that to be forced to repeat a phrase that tears your definition of right and wrong apart. There are hundreds of stories about people taken captive who endured torture. Physical torture can be so overwhelming that most victims never recover from the memories and physical pain.

The most difficult torture to overcome isn't physical - it's mental. And of all the mental aspects the one most likely to resist help and end in suicide is when a person is "forced" to admit to others that he agrees with his captors. It strips the individual of his self-respect and causes an internal conflict about his definition of self. He may know that he was forced. He may even feel sure that television viewers understand he's being forced to read a statement - but the internal conflict of knowing he just "repeated" those words, is something he can't live with. Like Judas betraying Jesus, victims feel as if they have betrayed themselves.

Some of the most difficult teen cases I've ever worked with is when Mom and Dad forced a child to repeat something he didn't truly believe. Not only does the child feel self hate, but he will hate the parent as well. That hatred will eat at the child like a cancer.

"But Debbie, what about being a gracious loser? Not everyone wins you know."

Of course we all have to accept defeat. Unfortunately, politics and psychology along with the liberal left have tried to blur the lines between sports like competition and the acknowledgement of good and evil. Those are two vastly different areas of life.

Put me in any sports arena and I will probably lose. Most board games will find me losing or coming in a close second. I have no problem congratulating the winner and finding common ground. I have no problem conceding defeat and giving the winner a big hug. That's sportsmanship.

But the war between good and evil is an entirely different thing. The worst cancer we experience in our churches is not because Jesus is Lord but because we have decided that a watered down faith is okay as long as the pews are filled. We cater to the desires of teens and visitors rather than the wisdom of elders. A contemporary church often becomes little more than a club where non-Christians won't be confronted and older Christians can backslide without anyone knowing.

I simply can't support that kind of wishy washy faith. It's not real and it will end with souls being sold out with a Judas mentality. I've spent a lifetime challenging my beliefs. I've searched scriptures, debated with ministers and read a mountain of books. I've fasted and prayed and begged God to inhabit my life - especially my brain. I've begged for wisdom and discernment and compassion and understanding. I don't hurt new Christians. I'm compassionate with the pain a sinner feels. But I refuse to lie and distort the truth!

So when I'm presented with someone who walks in evil, associates with evil, talks evil, is praised by evil people and wants to fill this country with everything evil - I can't accept and honor him without losing my own self-respect.

You really doesn't matter to me what anyone else thinks of me - what matters is what God thinks of me. While ministers all over this country are advocating that we accept and support Mr. Obama, I'm thinking of scriptures like...

John 14: 15 If ye love me, keep my commandments.

Hum....God is judging my love by whether or not I keep his commandments? How can I support and respect a man who thinks it's right to kill children just moments before they are born. And further - if they survive the abortion that it's fine to take them to another room and let them cry until they die. How can I support a man who wants to destroy our religious freedoms and has said in his book that if there is a choice between Americans and Muslims - he will side with Muslims? How can I be a supportive force to a man who wants to appoint judges that will decide guilt based on race and religious affiliation - the very freedom that millions have died to preserve?

Every scripture seems to scream at me that this man is supporting everything that the Christian faith is against. And even if it's not based on scripture, how can I respect a man that is getting ready to bring dishonor to the White House that we all support and stands as a symbol of our nation. According to the following article, Mr. Obama intends to offer an open door policy to all forms of gender confused people.

In counseling with many teens one of the largest reasons they refuse the faith of their fathers is because their parents have "flip-flopped" in their beliefs.

On Sunday it's wrong to steal but tomorrow Dad will cheat on his taxes. On Sunday it's wrong to lie but today Mom told her boss she was sick when she wasn't. On Sunday it's wrong to cuss but on Friday night mom and dad go at it like two drunk sailors. On November 3rd parents all across this country told their children that Mr. Obama was a threat to our Christian way of life but on November 4th many ministers are calling for us to see him as God's pick and give him honor. How confusing is that? How can our teens believe anything we say?

For the sake of your child's soul - research your faith and then commit to it!

No....I'm sorry. I would betray my faith, betray those I teach and betray my own self-respect if I agreed that God changed his mind because of the "will" of the people. God must work through people and if people aren't listening to Him - they will make the wrong choice!

I can't tell a teenager that he will suffer the consequences of his choices and then tell him that God will bring about a miraculous change in order to prevent 3 million people from suffering the consequences of their choices.

God's word is true. His directions are true. Break his laws and you suffer. That's the basic truth of our faith.

I refuse to damage my psychological well being by accepting this man as president and I refuse to teach children to deny their faith and accept him.

What I will do is pray for God to protect this wonderful country. What I will do is pray for God to place a shield of protection over Christians who voted against this evil man. And what I will do is pray that God's judgement of this decision will teach America a lesson without allowing America to be destroyed. What I will do is work very hard to maintain the "truth".

John 8:31-32 Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

If you disagree with me, that's fine. That's your right. But I encourage you to search your scriptures, search your heart and ask God to let you see the truth. It doesn't really matter what you think of me or what you think of this blog. What does matter is that you know the real "truth". On that day when every knee will bow and every tongue will confess - you will want to be sure that you have known the "truth" and that you stand With God.

God loves you,


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