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Friday, November 14, 2008


Discipline Exposed is finally on the market and sitting in boxes at my house!

If you go back to my website, you can click on the "resource" tab and it will pull up a picture of the book and a list of the chapter titles.

You can purchase the book at "my store" and I will autograph it and send it within 24 hours. It will make a nice gift for that new mother or for the parents of a troubled teen.

I am praying that every copy will inspire parents and help them design a home of hope and peace. As I say on the very first page....

"An unruly child is NOT an inevitable consequence to reproduction. It is possible to live in harmony with your child."

This book will be a great resource for Sunday Schools, mops groups, small classes as well as extra reading for teachers and college courses. As always, I am available for speaking engagements and will work with any group that wants to use this book. If you read the book, I would appreciate your comments and views.

God loves you,


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