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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Political Depression

I've started several blogs over the last week. All of them are staring at me - daring me to hit the publish button.

There are huge reasons for me to join the crowd and put this blog in a political debate. I feel this election will change the course of American History. It's vitally important that all voters know exactly what and who they are voting for.

However, the reason my blog drafts are not published is because of all the e-mails and phone calls I've taken over the last 8 days. Mothers are scared. Dads are frightened. Churches are worried their religious freedoms are disappearing. Children are acting out because they feel the pressures of the fear that has invaded their home. Fear is dangerous ground and can lead to making bad decisions.

With stocks going crazy, uncertain politics, job loss, recessions and international wars - it's easy to feel like the world must be coming to an end. One mother expressed it this way, "I can't stop watching the news. I turn it off and try to get busy in my house, but I have this overwhelming thought that I'm missing something. Life is so volatile right now who can be sure of anything. I find myself washing dishes and wondering if someone was killed, or did the stock market totally crash or maybe something happened in Washington that will change my life forever. So....I turn the TV back on and sit there for an hour feeling totally hopeless and depressed."

It's been a wild ride these last few months and I don't blame anyone for wondering how we are going to get through this. My last blog reminded you that "God is still in control and we are going to survive." But I understand that for many that statement is not cutting through the depression and anxiety you feel.

For that reason, I am writing a new booklet called, "How to survive a political and personal turmoil." This booklet will give you tips on how to handle depression, how to manage a family on less money, how to survive losing every financial dream and more. The release date for this booklet is November 3rd.

For now, I have two two suggestions that will get you through the next few weeks.

1. While you may not be able to join a march, give a speech or spend hours on the phone discussing politics - you do live in America and you do have a voice. Make plans to vote. Research the candidates and vote. Pray about your vote. Ask God to guide you in your choice.

Voting is a huge answer to this problem. I personally believe all the polls are geared to the liberal media. There are two things at work here.

A. You can make statistics say anything you want. All you have to do to change the outcome of a poll is to word it slightly different or even give an inflection in your voice and respondents can feel forced to give you the answer you want. Don't believe the media and the polls. Vote your heart and your faith. I believe there are more dedicated people that believe in the original intent of our forefathers than there are radical liberals who want to change this country. All we need is for good men and women to exercise their vote. Your vote is important and will change the course of this country.

B. The media is trying to use "self-fullfilling prophecy". In other words, they are hoping if they can make you believe that one candidate is winning by a landslide, that you won't vote or better yet, you will give up and join their side. Don't let that happen. Vote your beliefs and your heart

If you are still undecided, go to You tube and listen to the Saddleback debates. For me as a Christian, that debate showed who would protect my religious rights. When McCain talked about his experiences in captivity and how his faith became the focus point, something stirred within me.

If you are still concerned about voting for your religious rights because you have always been a democrat, check out the party's website and check your views against their views.

I was amazed when I checked this website.....

This is so cool. You go on the website "Barack Obama Test" and answer 48 questions. When you are through answering the questions, your submission will show your answers as they are compared to Barack's voting records. In other words, with a click of your mouse you can see how Barack's opinions match your own.

Several friends that were concerned about how to vote have made up their minds based solely on this test. It's a way to allow your good democrat friends to see - on their own - if they really do agree with his policies. FYI - I only agreed on one question. Guess who I'm voting for?

2. Get your head out of the circumstance of today and into the power of God's tomorrow. In other words, if you are like the mother who can't stop looking at biased media, get out and go for a walk. Listen to uplifting music. Take your children to the park. Read a good book. Cook a fantastic meal and sit and laugh with your family. Have a pillow fight.

And while you are doing all this remember that God is in control and no matter what the world does he will provide help to his children. If you are a child of God you have nothing to fear.

That doesn't mean we shouldn't work to change this world for the better. We are required to do all we can to stand for the principles of Christianity.

But.....we must occasionally step back from the fight and enjoy the blessings of our family and understand the great promises of God.

Pray with me that God will keep America safe from religious persecution. I beg you to send me an e-mail and let me know that you will join me for 15 minutes a day to pray for our nation. God can put the right man in as president. Let's pray for God to be part of this election.

God loves you,


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