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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Discipline - the key to better government

It's almost here!!!

My book will be ready to send out in 2-3 weeks! Wow!

Discipline Exposed sets the stage for every area of parenting. I explain the specifics that other authors often avoid or merely talk about in generalities. It's important for every parent to know the truth about each form of parenting and where it will lead your child. Too many parents decide to raise their child by a parenting philosophy only to find out later that it caused rebellion or led their child into dysfunctional behaviors.

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Discipline Exposed will also teach parents how to lead their child on a Quest for Truth and eliminate those pesky misbehaviors that cause tension.

While I'm on the subject, do you realize that discipline is the #1 reason government isn't meeting the needs of the people. My e-mail is flooded with Christians asking why we are in such a mess? How did we get here and why is this happening to America.

Of course there are many reasons, but they all center around the fact that too many politicians were raised to be selfish and unconcerned about others. They have learned to talk a good game in order to get the job, but their selfish tendencies run deep.

If a child was raised to be a basically selfish, spoiled brat and only learns to contain himself because he's not liked at school.....what kind of adult will he be? He will learn to "use" the system in order to have his own needs met. He will lie in order to gain favor and will think nothing about changing sides or friends or faith or any other area of his life in order to get what he wants. He won't be concerned about the world. Oh, he'll tell you he is - because it's what you want to hear. In actuality though he won't worry about the pain he causes as long as he reaches his objective. Like Hitler said, "Tell the biggest lie you can as often as possible and the masses will believe it."

Remember - a selfish spoiled brat has only one goal - to get what he wants. That's a dangerous trait for anyone that is supposed to serve others. By the age of 30 he's perfected the art of deception. He can sweet talk his way into any one's life. Like Aunt Sally (an old southern lady) would say...."He can steal the hat off your haid, with you lookin' right at him." She might continue by saying...."He'd rather tell a lie on credit than the truth for cash."

Now, take that kind of person and put them into politics and see what happens. Chances are very good that when they vote on a bill, they won't be thinking about making a government that outshines the world. They also won't be thinking about the little person it might hurt or the damage it will do to your faith. Instead they will think about the money they can pocket or the fact that if they vote "yes" some new group will support their campaign or will pledge to keep them in office. Which, by the way is why associations are so important.

What we need more than anything else is a group of politicians that are willing to fight to keep this country "free" and prosperous - even if it means turning down a huge contribution or standing up to another more powerful politician.

We need discipline in our government. The kind of discipline that says, "I stand for truth. Don't ask me to vote on anything that lies to the American people." The kind of discipline that says, "The American people don't want to spend 2 million dollars for a 10 page study on the mating habits of mountain goats." Sorry....the answer is "no".

Real discipline....the kind only parents can teach is the only hope America has. With real discipline parents can prepare a child's heart for faith and ultimately for a better life and a better world.

I hope you will vote. I hope you will make sure that your vote for president is also a vote for a disciplined person who refuses to lie and will stand by his vow to protect the constitution not revise it for political gains. I hope you will vote for a person who will fight for your right to religious and personal freedom.

As Aunt Sally would say, "Make sure that politician stands fer what's right. You don't want to be fooled and feel like if they put his brains in a jaybird's head, he'd fly backwards."

God loves you,


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