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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Technical problems - Aren't they wonderful?!? There's a buzz here at blogger that people can't put a title on their entries..... So, until it's fixed.....this entry won't have a title.

It kind of fits with what we are going to talk about. I've had several people ask for definite actions to combat yesterday's post.

If you are feeling depressed or overwhelmed with how hard life seems to be, here's a few things you can do.

1. Realize that even though you are overwhelmed with the current state of affairs, there are some things that can't be fixed today. Don't worry about those issues. I can't fix the problems previous parents have caused by raising spoiled brats and difficult adults. I can't yell loud enough to cause the world to change immediately. I can try to convince today's parents to be more vigilant in raising tomorrow's adults. But the results of my teaching won't change the world by tomorrow.

Realize that every problem can't be solved today. Do what you can to be concerned about the future, but not consumed by it. In other words, there are times when you need to stop trying to fix the world's problems. Take care of what you can do today about your own problems. There will be a time to reach out to the world. There will be a time when you get a handle on your own feelings and you can join that political group, church group or writing campaign.

2. Concentrate on the moment. Don't let your mind wander into all the problems that may be waiting for you tomorrow. Take care of the task at hand.

For example, an overworked Mom should concentrate on getting one thing accomplished for the day. Maybe you feel it's important to read to your child. Then make a daily list and put that at the top. Everyday, when you cross off "Read to Johnny", you will know that you are accomplishing one of your goals. Rather than tackling a list of chores that you eventually want to do, (like paint the house or clean the carpets) make a list of daily goals that you feel are important. Concentrate on the fact that you may not have the most well kept home in your neighborhood, but you are definitely accomplishing your goals with your son.

You can apply this rule to any situation. For example, let's take a single person's desire to marry. That desire may consume you. Perhaps your biological clock is ticking and you are worried you may never have children. Don't concentrate on the long range goals. Find something that you enjoy doing and concentrate on that goal. Find a meeting place that you enjoy for reasons other than dating - a church group, a cycling group, a writer's group. Be where there are people. This is important.....Don't attend for the dates! Do be sure that it's a group of people your own age, but attend for the joy of the group or the joy of the task. Relax and see what happens.

3. There's a wonderful old song "Count your Blessings". That song should be a requirement for everyone to listen to at least once a day.

When you are overwhelmed with life - count your blessings.

When you think you can't go on - count your blessings.

When you are sure that life couldn't get worse - count your blessings.

I will stake everything that I own on the fact that no one can write me with a story that I can't top. It may not be my own story, but I'll be able to top it. YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY PERSON SUFFERING AND PROBABLY YOU HAVE MORE BLESSINGS IN YOUR LIFE THAN YOU THINK.

"Ah, Debbie, now I've caught you. You don't know what you're talking about. I have four children and none of them will talk to me much less see me on holidays. I'm miserable."

That is a terrible problem, but at least you still have the opportunity to pray for a miracle and to hopefully do what you can to fix the problem. You still have hope. I know of a couple that was on vacation with their six children. They were hit from behind and the van instantly exploded. The mother and father were badly burned as they tried to free one of the children from a car seat. That child also died in their arms as the others screamed in the fire.

No amount of praying will ever bring those children back. No amount of praying will ever take away those memories. That problem will always be a part of them. At least you can still pray for a resolution. At least you don't wake up screaming with the nightmares. At least you don't sit by the Christmas tree and cry remembering the happiness of six loving children taken from you with such violent force.

And if you still feel that no one is as bad off as you are, try watching the TV miniseries "War and Remembrance". Whenever I'm down all I have to think about are the droves of men and women that were marched to the gas chambers. Innocent and precious Jewish moms stripped of clothing and paraded past the evil eyes of Nazi guards. Little children shot in the head or beaten to death. NO, my friend - my little aches, pains and disappointments are not that bad. I'm alive, God loves me and I'm free to pray. I have great hope that God will bring me through anything.

My point is that no matter how bad our situation, no matter how awful you feel, no matter how much you've been assured, someone can top your pain. So settle back and think about the good things in your life. Do you have a home? Do you have food? You must have access to a computer to be reading this. What a blessing. Do you have a friend, a pastor, a dog - someone who loves you? If not, let me introduce you to Jesus. AND my friend, I do love you. Write me. I'll type the words directly to you. God loves you and so do I.

3. Don't worry about the little stuff. Every day I seem to find someone who is upset about the little stuff. What a waste!

I can't name this blog. Big deal. I checked and there are many people fussing about this with blogger. That tells me that blogger is going to work hard to solve it. They have to in order to preserve their business. I could choose to wait until I can post this properly, but that would involve me checking behind them all day long. NO, I have other pressing things to do.

I could get all upset and write a nasty little note to blogger, but that would only make me feel as bad as the people who are already getting yelled at for the problem.

So, instead....I choose to believe in my friends. I choose to believe that you are enjoying my posts and that you know that I will do everything possible to give you quality work.

Since you know that. Since you trust me. I am going to relax and give you the best possible information in this post. I'm not going to worry about the Title. Later when the problem is fixed, I'll insert a title.

Problem solved. You feel good. I feel good. The overworked guy at blogger is minus one more complaint so he feels good.


Yes, there are a lot of problems with this world we live in. But our goal in life is not to have everything we want. Our goal in life in not to be pampered little sissies.

My goal (and I hope yours) is to love God with all my heart, to do what I can to be his light shinning in a dark world, to love my family and to work to make this world a better place. That last goal covers a lot. When I make a nice meal for my family I am enabling them to go out into the world and do their part in making it a better place. When I send a card to a shut-in, I'm doing my part to make this world a little better. When I keep my mouth shut and refuse to fuss at someone, I create a little more peace.

Maybe, if you are miserable, it's because you have become less compassionate to others, a grouch, and ungrateful for what you have.

Start small. When you go to the grocery store today, smile. Smile at everyone you see.

Then tomorrow, smile and say "hello".

The next day, smile and say "Hello. How are you?" I think you'll be surprised to find that getting involved and loving people is really very simple and in return you will feel great!

And if you do all these - WATCH OUT! God will show up. How wonderful!

God loves you,


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