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Monday, July 9, 2007

Kids cause parent's giggles

Parents can be so stuffy sometimes. Isn't it wonderful when children not only take us down a notch or two, but leave us in stitches as well.

In his book, Kids sure rite funny!, Art Linkletter shared some of those moments.

I am rather unclear about sing sang and sung. If I do it right now I know it is that I sing. But if I did it say yesterday, I am not clear what I did.

One of the important things to decide in studying for an English test is whether to figure out the questions to be asked or to study for answers and not be sure of the questions.

Most words are easy for me to spell once I get the letters right.

Confusion seems to be a problem for some students.........

I plan to get a brod education.

My sister is sex and a half.

Mother says use plenty of eggs in the milk to make a good omen.

We are not to run in class even when teacher don't see us because even if teacher don't see us Jesus can and he might tell the principal.

Polite means to say thank you when you don't really want to.

We soon discovered our new used car had defected brakes.

Though I am now a child, I will one day be a man or a woman.

Santa's reindeer get around so fast because they have athletes feet.

When I see a sad television, I try to keep my composure, but I often get completely decomposed.

According to some peoples beliefs, there is something that is half way between heaven and hell. It's called pubertory.

I have been told thrashing machines are not really used on children.

Children love animals....

When the frogs are in the water as tadpoles, they get in a bad habit of eating their own tails. Only on land is a frog safe from eating hisself up before it is too late.

Although a whale has now been discovered to be a mammal, there are still some fishy things about it.

Mad dogs must be shot as we have no way of telling who they are mad at and might bite.

An octopus gets its name from knowing how to have eight baby octopusses at once.

Beavers are wonderful at dammi - I should say making water holes with branches.

A silk worm has not one but tee-double U-oh! holes in his head. But instead of siting and sulking he uses them to make silk.

Dogs are much quicker than people. In less than two months they are a year old.

Now that the dinosaurs are safely dead, we can call them clumsy and stupid.

The honeycomb is used to comb whatever the queen bee says to.

Fish can drown in air. That is true. So we are even.

Slush is snow with all the fun melted out.

We think the earth feels still but it is in a constant commotion going around itself.

And my very favorite from some small little geniues.....

You can listen to thunder after lightning and tell how close you came to getting hit. If you don't hear it then you got hit, so never mind.

Everybody leans to the sun in summer and away in winter. We are all a little tipsy that way.

Saturn looks better with a few belts.

The French Revolution was fermented by the middle classes.

To have faith in your convictions means no matter how many times you go to jail you know it's for your own good.

No property can change hands without first everyone sinning on the dotted line.

Politicians kiss babies to get votes. This is gooey work.

The good kind of ministers are in church, and the other kind are in government.

Okay, that was fun!

God loves you,


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