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Monday, August 15, 2011

What a fantastic month I've had!!!

July/August 2011 is one of those times I'll look back on and laugh about.  It has been a wild ride and I'm loving every minute of it.

The first of July I made a trip to Georgia to visit with my folks.  We had a great time!  We had a lovely 79th birthday party for my Dad.  Mom is 83 and seeing them together, visiting in their home, talking about all the great times we've had - sigh :)  it was great!

I met with my agent's assistant while I was there.  She participated in the 2011 International Christian Retailers Show held in Atlanta.  I held my breath and prayed for God's guidance when she explained that the producer for a well known nationwide radio show was interested in me as a guest.  I was thrilled but prayed all the way home that God would be my focus and that he would guide my steps.

I left Mom and Dad's and drove to Nashville.  My new agent provided a fantastic hotel room in the heart of the music district.  I met with Rebeca Seitz (my agent), Steve Feldman (3 time Hollywood Emmy winner) and their assistant Jessica Dotta.  We talked for several hours.  Steve made me feel so comfortable that I didn't even pay attention to the large camera he was holding.  I have two pages of projects to complete ASAP.  I hope you will click over and take a look at the agency Reclaim Management.  They have the wonderful vision of taking great stories through the entire process.  They not only represent the author but they take care of the author.  And if the project is worthy, they plan to move it through all points of digital media as well as on the big screen.  It's a big vision but one that needs to be realized.  I hope you will pray for every one at Reclaim, for all the artist and for God's help with funding.

You can be part of their vision.  They have a program where you can donate the price of one movie to their cause.  That small donation will build with others to provide the funding for great movies with a traditional conservative view.  If you would like to see better movies being offered then join with them and help fund great movies for everyone!  You can write or call the agency for more details.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by all that I needed to accomplish, I talked my way back to Ohio.  Well...I dictated a lot of notes into my phone.  I would like to have plunged right in, but after two days of catching up with Ron, doing laundry and getting ready to go again - I gave Ron a kiss and headed for Michigan. 

In Michigan Jamie took commercial pictures for Dr. Lazar.  He's a talented doctor.  He's helping Jamie and I get our physical lives in order.  I'll tell you more about him later.  I also talked with him about doing a seminar in Ann Arbor. 

Next Jamie and I scurried to Chicago.  I met with my editor, Ginger Kolbaba of Marriage Partnership and  We had a great time together.  Ginger is a wonderful young lady and the dearest of friends.  In fact, I love all the workers at Kyria.  They are talented, dedicated women who are working hard to help equip their readers.  You must click over to and check it out.  You can subscribe to an online digizine (which is wonderful) or read some articles for free.  You can also download these awesome resources for almost any meeting you can think of.  It's a fantastic website!  Be sure and search for my name so you can my articles. ;)

Ginger suggested several writing assignments and I have a ton of notes on articles to come!  I hope you will at least sign up for the Kyria newsletter so you'll be informed when my articles post.

We left Chicago and traveled to Iowa to be with the Jansen clan while Jamie did Senior pictures for cousins.  Then it was back home.  I had 36 hours to prop my feet up and catch my breath before Amie arrived.  She was a bit tired from her 16 hour trip from Tucson, Arizona, but she had big news....SHE HAD REALLY BIG NEWS.....On or about March 31st, I'm going to be a grandma!  Wow!  How cool is that???  Amie was here for a week.  We shopped and registered and giggled and talked.  It was a great time.

What a fantastic month!  But now it's time to get down to business.  It will take me a bit to get everything organized, changed, tweaked and out the door for you....but, I hope you'll stay tuned.  There's a lot of exciting things to come.

God loves you,


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