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Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Supernatural World is Real

Did you know that Martin Luther King struggled with fear and doubt? He was able to set it aside for the moment and give an inspiring sermon or speech, but he often felt inadequate for the path he was walking and wanted to quit.

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln suffered with self-doubt and depression? In an article by Joshua Wolf Shenk on Lincoln's great depression - he states, "When Abraham Lincoln came to the stage of the 1860 state Republican convention the crowd roared in approval. Men threw hats and canes into the air, shaking the hall so much that the awning over the stage collapsed; according to an early account, "The roof was literally cheered off the building."

The next day the convention closed. William J. Bross saw Lincoln sitting alone at the end of the hall, his head bowed, his gangly arms bent at the elbows, his hands pressed to his face. Lincoln noticed him and said, "I'm not very well."

If you go to the following link you will find a list of famous people that have dealt with depression. People like Buzz Aldrin, the second man to set foot on the moon - and - David Bohm a physicist that contributed to Quantum theory and Bohm-diffusion. Other sufferers include Dick Cavett, Winston Churchill, Princess Diana and Mike Wallace.

Why would all these famous people with so much going for them suffer with depression? Why wouldn't they feel excited and free? Why don't they see themselves as others do? I am sure there are physical reasons for some cases of depression and some of the people on this list may have helped their depression along with bad behaviors.

But....I'm wondering if the supernatural was a factor especially to those men and women that had huge contributions to the welfare and advancement of our society.

For example, Martin Luther King received all kinds of death threats, he was plagued and harassed by the FBI and his followers talked about him as if he were the messiah. It would take a "superman" to not let the positives and negatives of his situation affect his personal feelings. I'm sure he wondered if he was large enough to carry the burdens of the Civil Rights movement. Would he survive? Would he make a mistake and cause the entire movement to collapse?

When he closed his eyes for a moment of rest did he hear the quiet murmurs of another being....."You can't do this. Who do you think you are? You don't have what it takes to make this happen and when the crowds find out that you don't have what's needed - they will bring you down." I could analyze each of these names, but let's analyze the most important person in your world......


Have you ever heard someone whispering in your ear? "______you won't survive what's coming. You don't have enough money or resources. You are going to be part of the group that loses it all and has to beg for crumbs of food. You are going to lose your job. You aren't smart enough to write, to sing, to make a living, to have children, to.........."

Sound familiar? No matter how many times you pray you still feel inadequate - and worse ....because you can't admit your feelings - you feel isolated and alone.

The reason I pointed out those that have gone before and still accomplished great things is this -

There is good news! You don't have to listen to those voices. You don't have to give into fear and depression. God will make a way!


Maybe he will use all of his resources and solve your problem in a miraculous way!


Maybe God will just show up. Maybe He will be your constant companion, advising, guiding, encouraging and standing with you when no one else will. If an all powerful God shows up - look out! things will change.

I think we get in the habit of saying, "I believe in God." while we live like most atheist.

"Woe is me. Why would God take the time to deliver me? After all it's probably my fault."

We need to rise above that kind of thinking and realize that it's probably coming from a dark supernatural power. We must refuse that dark power while accepting and expecting the loving intervention of the Father of lights.

An old saying goes something like this....."Anytime you are attacked with a vengeance, you can be sure that God is getting ready to do something miraculous with your life."

"Know how to tell whose in the middle of God's will? Look for someone the devil is attacking."

"Satan doesn't bother with people who sit on the sidelines. Satan only attacks the players, the people who are willing to make a difference in their circle of influence."

If you are discouraged or wondering if you can make it through some problem - don't listen to evil voices of doubt. That tactic has been around for a long time. Instead, get close to God and you can be sure He will make a way for you!

Cloud and Townsend in their book God will make a way writes, "It starts by believing God indeed will make a way. It's a matter of embracing and exercising faith in God. Trust is the bridge over the raging river. Trust is how we access God's way for us. Trust is acting on your belief that God will make a way. The more you act on your faith in God, the more you will see of his way for you. When God makes a way for you through your trials, it is an active, not passive, process.

Read the psalms and you will quickly see that God will always make a way for his children.

The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth. He fulfills the desires of those who fear him; he hears their cry and saves them. Psalm 145:18-19

God loves you,


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