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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Let Go George....let go!

Once upon a time there were two men. They were best friends. They did everything together. John was an exciting guy who loved to move with the moment and take chances. George was a planner that wouldn't do anything without clearly seeing the next step.

John and George have been friends for a long time. They have seen each other through both good and bad situations. John was excited about a new financial opportunity. "George, we should do this together. We can make a lot of money."

"I don't know John. It seems kind of risky. Let me do some research."

Months went by. "George, it's now or never!"

"Well, it looks okay, but I don't know. What if we lose our money?"

"We aren't investing everything. We need to do it George."

While another three months went by, John invested in the opportunity. No amount of urging could get George to move. Finally, when John bought a new million dollar home, George asked him to come over. John drove his new corvette into George's driveway. George met him on the lawn.

"I guess I'm ready. Here's a thousand dollars. Will you take care of the investment for me?" George held a crisp $1,000 bill. It was a minuscule representation of his financial portfolio. John would have given him the papers to the investment without payment, but John knew George needed the transaction in order to grow. John wanted his friend to experience the excitement of taking a chance - putting it on the line - taking a plunge - in other words, risking with only the hope of winning.

John reached out to take the money. George continued to hold on. John pulled. George frowned. "It's okay, it's a sure thing. Don't be afraid."

Stuck in his fear George yelled, "But what if....?"

Finally in frustration John took over, grabbing his arm and yelling at George, "Let go George...let go now!"

We all have faced those times. An opportunity presents itself and we are so comfortable where we are that we have a difficult time letting go in order to reach for the gold. The magic trick to winning is that we MUST LET GO.

We have to let go of our fear of failure. We have to let go of our past. We have to let go of our pain. And.... we have to be willing to risk it all in order to win.

If you are not willing to risk something, you are not determined enough to make the decisions that need to be made in order to win.

I encourage you to trust yourself, trust God and let go! I hope you win! No matter what the outcome, I know that you will be glad you took the ride.

God loves you,


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