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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ideas that light the world

Have you ever been given a thought...just a tiny little thing? It sits in your mind floating and twinkling. Sometimes it seems to disappear but once you are sure it's gone - it floats back into your life.

Once in a while you mention this thought...this tiny little thought. When others can't visualize its' worth, you vow to forget this little thought. You get busy with other things and force your brain to pay attention to daily needs. Just when you are sure it is gone, you see a little sparkle...a twinkle...a glitter....

One day while you are praying, the thought comes again. It's stronger now. It's pressing for attention. Out of the blue your entire world seems to point to that thought. You see how huge it could become. You realize that it came from God and it has great value.

Circumstances begin to change until you find yourself standing at a crossroads. A huge spotlight seems to be illuminating that thought, that tiny yet somehow more brilliant thought. You feel warm and good. You feel God's arms around you.

All you need is one step. One step to make that twinkling little thought into a huge reality of God's love. A new path for you to walk. A new joy for you to feel. Take the step...go can do it!

Your entire world crashes to a halt when a nasty voice from the back of the room bellows..."Just who do you think you are. You don't have the education or the finances. You can't do that."

In one moment of time that voice has left you terrified. You are saddled with a fear that won't go away. That beautiful twinkling thought seems farther away than ever before. Your head drops and you are sure you misunderstood God.

Don't let the negative voices of this world keep you from participating in God's will for your life!

God doesn't always call the equipped, most of the time he equips those He calls. If you know that God has given you a job to do - Get busy!

Dr. Ken Crocker has written a wonderful blog on that very subject. You must read it.

I have been busy this week. Please pray for me. God gave me direction many years ago. He gave me a beautiful twinkling thought. I thought my sparkling dream had died. I was sure it would not return. Yet this week, God has opened every door necessary to fulfil His will in my life.

Never, never, never let anyone discourage you from a God given dream.

Thank you Dr. Crocker for the encouragement.

Thank you all for praying for me.

I'm excited to see what God will do next!!!

Do you need to revive your twinkling thought? God never gives up on us...don't give up on his ideas for you.

God loves you,


1 comment:

MoodyBlue8567 said...

Oh, my isn't it funny how the Lord's timing is always perfect? I think we often forget how He knows the deepest desires of our heart and may bring them to pass if we will only beleive in Him and trust His will.
Sometimes he knows the desires of our hearts even when we don't. What a great God we serve!