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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I am so-o-o-o excited!

My website is finally growing into my vision.

I do hope you enjoy all the new pages! Yesterday someone explained that this blog - Family Tracks - is listed among their favorites and they bypass my website and only bring up this page. For those of you that do that, you don't know about the changes.

Please return to and click on the button "What's New". This page will be updated according to anything new. You can check on contest and special days, news about where I am or what I'm doing - all by checking the "What's New" page. Check it often.

Also on this page and all the others, we are installing buttons so you can click from one page to another with ease. Check out these new pages! Though I won't write on every page every day, they will be updated often.

To check out these pages simply look to your left in the "My favorite links" section. The links will take you right to the page. I also encourage you to check out all my favorite links. These are pages I believe in and use myself.

Family Tracks: You are here! This blog covers general questions or topics you have requested. I also cover any topic that inspires me.

Aunt Sally's Kitchen : This page is an online comedy/drama. I know you will love Aunt Sally and the charming characters in this town.

The List: Still under construction - will be finished today. Every action in life has a reaction and it's always good to know all the basics before making any decision. However, some people are so busy that they don't want to know "why" they just want a list of what to do and what not to do. Be careful ! This page will be quite blunt. If you think you are strong enough to handle some straight away.

Prayer Requests: Visit this page often to pray for others and to have others pray for you.

Mommy Funnies: This page has nothing but good clean jokes about family funnies. Check back often. I plan to post a joke every day.

Better TV: Have you ever wanted better programing for your family but not sure where to find it? Check out Better TV for recommendations and ways to help your family enjoy entertainment without consequences.

My Favorite Music: This page deals with the issue of Music and worship not only in our churches but in our Christian lives as well. Don't be afraid. I promote a fair and balanced view.

Just Write: This blog is for writers, editors, authors and those in the publishing industry. It is dedicated to the "heart" of the writer rather than the technical side of writing. Watch for interviews with editors about their fears and how their careers began.

Last night I added one more page....

Jansen Library: This blog is a list of good books to read. As the list grows you will be able to find categories on the sidebar. You will be able to click on Fiction, self-help, spiritual, marriage, children etc... and it will bring up all the books I have recommend so far in that category. Check back often for new entries.

I hope these changes will make the website more interesting as well as more organized. Please let me know what you think and of course make any suggestions.

I do thank you for using this website to make purchases on line. I spend hours doing research and writing posts. Your dedication to purchasing through helps support what I'm doing.

Have fun!!!

God loves you,


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