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Friday, September 14, 2007

Friends are wonderful

Friends love you even when you are unlovable.

Friends laugh with you even when you don't feel like laughing.

Friends keep you centered.

Friends share the load and cause you to smile even when they aren't around.

Friends are wonderful.

Next week I will have a biopsy on my thyroid. I have a large nodule and they will be checking to be sure that the little nasty called Cancer isn't staking a claim.

I am trusting God for a good report and I hope you will be praying for the same.

I dropped by to see my dear friend Viki Huff.
I cried and she cried. I called on God and she called on God. I hugged her tight and she smiled and said, "I'll be right here" and then she hugged me tighter.

"Let me read something to you. I was writing this yesterday and you might like it." I love Viki's poems. She is very talented and her words always speak to me. This one is new and still in it's working stage - but it spoke to me.

Sometimes you crawl, sometimes you walk
Sometimes you don't move at all.
Sometimes you rise and sometimes fall
Some times you just stand tall.

It's not the pace or the stance
Just keep going - take a chance
Head up high, shoulders back
Just make sure you stay on track.

It's that way in your walk with God
Keep on moving try not to fall
Eyes on the Savior don't look back
Follow Jesus and stay on track.

Walk or crawl, fall or stand
Just keep holding to his hand
He walks beside you every day
Guiding your footsteps all the way

He holds you up if you start to fall
And wipes your tears when heartache calls
Eternal love and life is yours
Just open your heart, let him in the door

Trust and follow, love and serve
For he gave his life to set us free
When he hung upon that rugged tree
Free from sin, and all that binds
To give us joy and peace of mind.

No greater love will you find
If you leave your sin behind
Hold to his hand and don't look back
Keep your eyes on Jesus, Stay on track.

Thank you Viki....I will hold his hand and stay on track!

God loves you,


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