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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

America's youth and the death of intelligent thought.

It's often hard to explain to others how I look at the world.  My new book, The Mommy Detective attempts to help others see what I see when I look at problems.  It shows my thoughts when it comes to my world view, parenting, faith and a host of other issues.  Basically, I feel that the only way to a good life is to know the truth.  If you base it on what you've heard or what someone has told you to believe - you can be fooled.  You may think you have a good life but around the corner a train wreck is on it's way. 

I don't want to be surprised negatively with a horrible ending to a particular train of thought.  For example if I believe that God doesn't exist because some atheist professor told me that in a classroom, what happens if he's wrong?  What happens if I get to the moment of death and find out that my Christian neighbor is right.  With no time to change, I will suffer the consequences of another person's research. 

If I plan to build a part of  my life on any philosophy, I am going to constantly question my beliefs to be sure I'm right.  The most dangerous position to be in is one where you can never test your theories or where you look at life through selfish eyes.  I've know wonderful Christians who loved God but still viewed the world through very small selfish eyes.  For that reason I tell people constantly - show me something that is better than the way I live and I'll change.  But...first you have to prove to me it's better.  Since I know my platform extremely well and I've tested most every view - they back off quickly. 

We are headed for some very difficult times.  People are voting and spouting a lot of ridiculous theories and refusing to investigate their validity.  That will lead us to a slavery based society.  We may not be in physical chains - but we will be mentally chained.  We must train our children to think logically and to thoroughly test every area of every philosophy they choose to live by.  Without that kind of scrutiny we will bite the apple once again and our society will slip into desperate chaos. 

Guess who rises to the top during a chaotic situation - evil - always evil.  People usually don't turn to good people during a crisis because the good person will require some form of hard work.

Angel Hunt posted the following video on her blog.  I am grateful she did.  I hope you will watch the entire video and ask yourself - "Do my philosophies have the kind of holes in it that the interviewer revealed? "

God loves you,


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