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Friday, October 28, 2011

I hate it when people "settle"

I love all my clients and all my friends.  I really love my family and those I feel like are family. 

I try to give good advice and I'm very careful when counseling that I don't push too hard or crush any one's toes.

However....that said....I hate to settle for anything less than the "best for me".  That may not be the best for have your own best.  I just can't fathom someone who knows they are settling but they just don't care any more.  It's as if they feel like they don't deserve the best or they are just too "tired or lazy" to try anymore.  NO...No...No...! 

The first place that anyone can go to begin the process of building your self esteem and becoming a better person - the first place to go is to insist that you are not going to settle for anything less than the best your life can be!  Don't settle for a spouse, don't settle in your job, don't settle in your dreams and for heaven's sake don't settle / give in / sell out - yourself.  Be the very best that you can be.

I've made a ton of mistakes and I've had to walk back to several crossroads and start over.  Each time I have I've re-committed myself to the highest standard.  I'm committed to racing for and reaching for the highest best for my life. 

Someone sent an e-mail full of pictures from Wall-mart.  Pictures that showed the worst that people can be.  Some of them were so bad that the only possible response was a guttural "that's disgusting".  Over all though, I felt pity.  Pity that those people were so starved for a little attention that they were willing to look their worst to be recognized.  They settled for disgusting looks because they were too lazy or too dysfunctional to work for and deserve a respectful look. 

I thought about the thousands of people all across this country that are buying into the settling routine.  They take their cues from pathetic shows like bridezillas.  For the sake of money producers trot out dysfunctional emotionally crippled people as if they are worthy of our attention.  Instead of getting help for an emotionally starved spoiled brat, producers exploit their dysfunction.  They promote their need for attention and provide a means for them to settle for negative attention.  Reality show participants don't stop to think that people are laughing at them, that they are being ridiculed and that they have settled for the worst form of bullying.

Instead of reality show adults pursuing their highest goal - being respected for their classy ways, their intelligence, their good looks - reality shows parade a host of dysfunctional ugly people in front of us that promote....."I'm pathetic but I'm settling because I'm either too lazy or too mixed up to work for anything better. 

It's so sad to me that people think so little of themselves.  It's refreshing to follow someone like Jackie Kennedy Onassis.  Whether I agree with all her opinions or not - you have to admit that she was well educated, extremely classy and the best she could be.  I like watching actors like Denzel Washington and others that strive to be the best they can be.  Even knowing that she didn't pick the right person the first time around - you have to admire a person like Princess Diana who worked hard to be the best she could be.

I hope you will spend a little time today asking the question - Am I settling?  Have I settled for a steady date that isn't going to help me be my best - just because I'm tired of trying?  Have I settled for a bad job just because I don't want to study and go for the good job?  Have I settled for friends that make me unhappy just because I don't want to find friends that will support me and push me to be my best? 

If I've settled in any area of my life....why am I settling and what can I do to change and be my very best!

So why do I hate it when people settle?  It's a waste.  It's a waste of a life, of a family, of a generation.  When you aren't your best - people around you suffer as well.  Don't waste your life.  Be your best.

God loves you,


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