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Friday, June 25, 2010

Open Letter to Glen Beck

Dear Mr. Beck,

I agree with everything you teach on your show.  I believe in Faith, Hope and Charity.  I believe in America and her founding fathers.  I believe there has to be a hidden motive for why so many politicians are pushing the progressive agenda and I don't believe that it's for the common good.

I think you are a highly intelligent man and I'm grateful that you are so quick to highlight other intelligent people. 

But....America will NEVER turn around and be the country it once was unless you talk about the complicated area of parenting.  Honor can't be demanded, it can't be legislated and it can't be part of a business plan. 

Honor and many of the other traits you encourage your listeners to demand - must be learned.  I was so impressed when you had the men from Liberty College on your show.  Great show!  Great men!  But even faith doesn't always overcome dishonor in humans. 

Do you know what you call a jerk who becomes a Christian?  A Christian Jerk!  I've met a lot of those types over the years. There are times when God chooses to change a man 100%, deep down, over and under, in every way.  But that's not the norm.  Most of the time God saves the soul and it's up to training, pastoral care and determination of the individual to change the temptations lurking deep in his personality.

Real honor is learned and perfected over time.  An adult that has been disciplined and trained from day one will have an easier time being honorable.  It takes time to create an honorable adult.  Honor is learned when we "lose" as well as when we win.  Honor is learned when we have heroes like your Dad and mine to set the pace.  Honor is learned when we are required to be compassionate and to care.  Honor is learned when we are required to be intelligent and to look for the facts - "question with boldness".  Honor is learned when we are required to sacrifice for the good of others. 

It takes a long time to create an honorable adult - that's why it must begin with parenting.  It must begin when a child enters the toddler stage. 

I look at some politicians and all I can see is a spoiled child trying to be a bully.  I put the blame squarely where it belongs....their parents.  Parents can cause children to have a distorted view of others.  Some children become bullies and those usually wind up in juvenile detention.  Others don't like the crime route so they learn to play the system.  They figure out how to cover their bully tactics with a betraying smile.  They slither and move in circles that allows them notoriety and fame while deep inside they are as cruel and deadly as any enemy.

I watch your show everyday as you point out crime, inc. and every other vermin that wants to destroy our freedoms.  I understand that while apathy got us to this point, if we don't stop it - America is doomed.  Progressives like to say they are willing to co-exist and that if we just give them this amount of space they will be fine.

That's a lot of garbage.  Evil and good cannot co-exist.  It's not possible.  The very definition of evil is that it must conquer.  Evil is not a passive state.  Progressive is not a passive state.  We must understand that there are many causes that sound good on the surface but they are not passive causes.  They are causes that must conquer.  And that's where America really needs to wake up.  We need to be teaching our children to be strong and how to fight.  They must be honorable - yes - but if an honorable man can't fight for what is right....he will be conquered - honor or not. 

We have to be stronger and rise to the top or we will be conquered.  All the awakening in America is great!  I am so thankful for the things you are doing to train America!  But without parents learning how to raise honorable men and women - the future is not secure.

One last point....learning how to raise that child is the most important thing a parent can do - and it's where a parent is the most venerable.  If a new parent doesn't have a good role model and chooses a contemporary parenting book loaded with styles that will prepare a young child to accept progressive thinking....a parent can do his best and yet the child will rebel.  Most contemporary psychology is progressive and there's a lot of foolish advice for parents floating around.  Unless parents seek out non-progressive ways to view and raise their families, they will set the stage for progressives to inch into their homes. 

I wouldn't write this letter if I didn't have answers to the questions I've raised.  How can a parent raise an honorable child that will not rebel and won't accept progressive ways?  That's a huge subject and would take a book to cover it.  I covered a lot of specific ways in my book, Discipline Exposed - surviving fried worms and flying mudballs.  Here are a few general tips that will help.

1.  Your child isn't going to fly if he's tethered to the ground by your bad habits.  If you want your child to grow into an honorable adult, you must be his role model.

2.  Discipline invades 100% of anyone's life.  Your child's future marriage depends on discipline.  His job success depends on discipline.  Your child's children and their success will depend on discipline.  Your child's ability to accept your faith will depend on discipline.  Your child's ability to be an honorable person will depend on discipline.  Your child's grades will depend on discipline.  Your child's relationship with you will depend on discipline.

If you don't get discipline right - you and your child will suffer!  Please read my book!

3.  Expose your child to those in need and require them to sacrifice to help.  Don't just give your child money to put in the Salvation Army him be excited about giving part of his allowance.

4.  Teach your child how to find the truth.  Make TRUTH and living by values that are TRUE a goal for your family.  Don't just make rules....teach your children the TRUTH behind those rules and why they should be in place.

5.  Point out the end results of other lifestyles.  Don't just wait for your child to head down a destructive road without any information.  Start when they are young to help them look around at others and their lifestyles and ask the question...."Will that bring me happiness and joy even at the end of the road."

I have many more suggestions....but this letter is probably already to long.  My website, book and three blogs (including Mommy Detective blog) are here to help.
I appreciate what you are doing but I hope you will give parents more information on "how" to raise an honorable "future".  And for those of you who are reading this....check out the 80 relationship classes I offer at
God loves you,

Debbie Jansen
Mommy Detective

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