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Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Saturday funny

Some of my sweetest memories were when the children were young and we enjoyed a slow paced Saturday morning.  Ron worked nights but knew the children would be waiting just inside the door for his morning arrival.  He opened the door to squeals of laughter, "mornin' daddy and searches for the donut box.  After everyone was settled with milk and a fresh donut, we snuggled under blankets and watched Saturday morning funnies. 

I miss those times.

Yesterday a good friend sent me a link to a YouTube production.  Ray Stevens was one of my children's favorite singers.  They laughed at Ahab the Arab, The Streak, and The Mississippi Squirrel.  To find out that Ray Stevens is still doing well and has produced a new song and video brought back all kinds of good feelings.  I hope you can chuckle your way through this and find a little lift for your day.

God loves you,


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