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Sunday, October 18, 2009

TRUTH is everything....Never sacrifice TRUTH

Recently I was trying to make a point to an apathetic young adult.  In exasperation he commented,

"Don't get your feathers in a dither.  It doesn't really matter.  Nothing really matters.  Just do what I do and live your life and let the chips fall where they may."

I bit my tongue very hard, smiled and tried to make a dent in his thick skull.  I'm afraid it was a lost cause.  I walked away deeply saddened.  What this young man can't grasp is simple basic math.

Math?  How did math get in here?

I remember when I was just learning math and I had a two or three step problem.  I'd work until the eraser had made a hole in the paper.  Frustrated I took the paper to the teacher and whined, "I can't do it."  I still remember the times she would shake her head and point to the first problem.  "Debbie, you must remember that if the first step is wrong all the other steps will be wrong too.  Go back and rework the first step."

TRUTH is everything in this life.  We must make sure that we have the TRUTH or we won't be able to solve any problem out there. TRUTH is always the first step.

For example, if the real TRUTH is that Mr. Obama doesn't care diddly about healthcare for the average Joe, then we have a serious problem.  If his only concern about healthcare is that it's a way to secure votes or it's a way to gain control of an industry that's making money, or if it's a step to socialism.....then nothing we say in response is going to work.  He can stand behind the podium and spout any lie and it will work because we don't have the first step right. 

If the real TRUTH is that the Czars are put in place to help turn this nation into a socialist nation - then their qualifications really don't matter.  They can be bums from a flop house and it wouldn't make any difference.

If the real TRUTH is that my friend is lazy and just doesn't want to take the time to get involved and make a difference in this country....there's nothing I can say to change his mind.  The first step solution is to conquer his laziness not to try to be more logical.

TRUTH IS EVERYTHING.  No matter what you are trying to do, strive to find the TRUTH first.  Once that is in place everything else will be easy.

Know the truth and the truth will set you free.  John 8:32

God loves you,


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