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Monday, June 9, 2008

What is a parent?

The question seems simple enough and yet your answer will determine the success of your skills.

What is a parent? An older human that provides care for an infant.

Hum...the scientific approach. Let's think for a moment about what type of parent that person would be. A scientist would provide necessary care like food, clothes and a charted amount of cuddling. Perhaps he would be more concerned about providing what's required instead of giving from a heart bursting with love.

What is a parent? An educator for the young.

Hum...the uninvolved teacher. Perhaps this person would push the child to read and to learn. Be your best! Push hard! Study and you will be fine. Know everything and you will succeed.

What is a parent? A preacher that will lead my child to Christ.

Hum...the evangelist that believes only in the spirit world and not in the real world. This person doesn't appreciate normalcy in life. Every day is Sunday and only events pertaining to faith are important.

What is a parent? A parent should have a happy home.

Hum...the event coordinator. This person doesn't believe in allowing a child to experience life but only to experience good times. In this home "no" is a cuss word and "discipline" is for everyone else.

What is a parent? A parent should give everything for their child.

Hum...the banker. This person will burn out quickly and will secretly resent the selfish child that grows in their home.

Okay Debbie! We get what you are what do you think a parent is?

A parent has a little of each of the above but overall a parent is a guide. It's our job to explain the world to our children and that means that we have to understand it first. We have to know why things happen like they do so we can logically explain all the "whys" to our children.

Young people seem to have such a hard time with relationships and depression. If you have turned your job as guide over to television, movies, educational systems and peers - you will give your child a confusing, untruthful and miserable set of guides. Even our churches should not be saddled with the training of our children. Churches should provide spiritual guidance and inspiration not parenting.

After accepting the role of guide - your job description also includes the goal of working yourself out of a job. You are preparing your child to take over this world. You are preparing your child to make a difference in his life and in society as well.

Every time you watch your child or hear about something he's doing, ask yourself - "What is my role as parent for this situation? What should my response be so this situation will help my child in the future? How can I use this situation to help my child grow into a responsible adult?"

REMEMBER: Every time you interact with your child you are changing the future! You can make this a better world by how you respond.

God bless you for your work!

God loves you,


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