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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lying Eyes

It was a terrible day. Limbs brushed against the house as the wind pushed trees back and forth. Rain pelted the windows and sent rivers of water washing down the sidewalk. The chill in the air found crevices in the door and sent chills throughout the house.

Little Bobby jumped down the stairs and slid into the breakfast nook. "Mornin' Mom! Isn't this a beautiful day."

Annoyed at his enthusiasm she poured her cup of coffee and snarled. "Bobby, haven't you looked outside? It's a terrible stormy day."

"Ah Mom, never judge the day by the weather. Somewhere up there...the sun is always shining."

Out of the mouth of babes.....

How many times have you let the weather change your feelings?

How many times have you let the grumpies take over because you didn't get your favorite parking place?

How many times have you had plenty to eat, a roof over your head and gas in the car - but because you don't have enough to buy a new outfit - you let yourself feel poor and out of sorts?

Our eyes are not able to judge circumstances properly. If we allow them to be the focus of our happiness we are often disappointed.

Don't let your happiness depend on what you see around you. Instead let your determination, your love for others and your faith that God will see your through anything - guide you and help you to see the eternal and all it's benefits. If we use God's eyes instead of our own, we will always see the sun peaking around the clouds.

God loves you,


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