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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Potty Training in One Day

I've helped over 30 toddlers with potty training. I've potty trained my own by the one day method. I've helped friends learn this method and complete the program with their own children. I've help parents in our daycare find success with this program.

I was also featured on the CBS morning show, "Good Morning Cleveland".

It's a wonderful method that makes potty training fun as it creates a bond between you and your child. It's not a bogus sensational theory. It works because it takes your child's body and mental aptitude into account. You are working with your child, not against him.

I have a 60-minute tape that I will send you for a donation of just $12. It comes with a handy booklet that is small enough for your purse. The best value in this package is your free on-line support with the creator of the program - me! You can e-mail questions at any time of day or night. I'll answer as soon as I see them.

Tell me a little about this program....

First your child must be able to follow some commands. Stop, come here, sit, pick this up etc. He must also be able to understand the concept of wet, dry, thirsty. He should be able to maneuver his clothes and the ability to sit himself on the potty. The booklet and tape will go into all the details and why these abilities are necessary.

Take a day off and eliminate all distractions. For example, if you have other children - take them to a friend or to grandma. This is your time with this one child. Begin in the morning and by the early evening the job should be done. Just think. An entire day of loving, giggling and being with that child. How precious this day will be. I promise you will not be stressed.

You allow the child to eat plenty of salty foods. He is then given a choice of all kinds of drinks that will certainly make him go more often. The more he goes...the more practice with what needs to be done.

There are reasons most programs take so long and are so frustrating to both you and your child. If your child doesn't recognize when he's wet (pull-ups) how will he realize when to react. Since you also don't know when he's wet, you can't possibly give him instructions. Instead you are consumed with telling him he's done it wrong (that's how it will come across no matter how positive you try to be). Since he's not being taught to think ahead, he has to make hundreds of mistakes before he finally gets the idea.

With my proven program you teach the child about his body FIRST, then he gets to practice. It's a wonderful loving way to put this milestone behind you both.

E-mail me if you have more questions or would like to order the tape.

Won't it be wonderful to take a Friday off work and know that by the evening your darling child will have mastered the program? After a weekend of practice he will be able to return to daycare diaper free!

God loves you,


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